Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1441 - When have we ever been scared?

Chapter 1441: When have we ever been scared?

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Ye Wanwan turned to Seven Star and Big Dipper and said, “Go and pick out the 98 most elite members of Fearless Alliance.”

Big Dipper was taken back and asked, bewildered, “Sis Feng… shouldn’t I pick out 100 people…? Why are we only picking 98?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. “Aren’t you a person?”

Before Big Dipper could respond, Seven Star said, “You and I count as two people.”

Big Dipper thought about it and nodded. “I see…”

“Meeting adjourned!”

Ye Wanwan stood up from the chief seat and strolled out of the conference room without a backward glance.

Big Dipper and Seven Star followed after Ye Wanwan.

“Sis Feng… are we really going to attack Asura’s subordinate faction power?” Seven Star asked with a slight frown as he caught up to Ye Wanwan with large strides.

This decision was a bit too brazen in Seven Star’s point of view.

She wanted to seek revenge successfully with a mere hundred people. It wasn’t realistic at all.

There was an extremely high possibility that this decision would lead to the utter demise of the 100 members she led there.

“I have my own plans,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Seven Star, are you becoming timider?” Big Dipper glanced at Seven Star. “When has the Fearless Alliance ever been scared?!”

“This has nothing to do with being scared,” Seven Star said.

Before Big Dipper could say anything, Ye Wanwan interrupted them, “Go and choose the people first.”

Since Ye Wanwan made her decision already, Seven Star wasn’t going to say anything more. He went with Big Dipper to choose the elite members.

In the evening, the 98 people were all chosen. Each person was an elite member of the Fearless Alliance.

After they learned they were about to go to the northern district and seek revenge on Asura’s subordinate faction, they were all somewhat unwilling. They felt like they were marching to their deaths.

However, this was the president’s orders, so they had no choice but to obey.

Evening. Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, inside Ye Wanwan’s office:

Virus yawned and propped is its head on Ye Wanwan’s legs, looking at Ye Wanwan with its breathtaking eyes.

Ye Wanwan ascertained that no one else was around before taking out her phone and checking her QQ messages.

Gong Xu: Brother Ye, where did you travel to? Space? Why aren’t you back yet?

Luo Chen: Are you online, Brother Ye?

Han Xianyu: Ye Bai, where did you go lately? I haven’t gotten any news from you at all and can’t reach you by phone. Please call me back if you see this message.

After reading through the messages, she flicked her finger and erased every message.

The consequences were inconceivable if someone else saw these messages.

Ye Wanwan rarely messaged even her mother, Liang Wanjun. She only occasionally reported her safety and asked about her mother’s wellbeing along with Ye Mufan’s and her father’s recent situation.

After deleting the messages, Ye Wanwan called Nameless Nie.

“Hello…” Nameless Nie’s voice resounded from the phone.

“Meet up with me. I need you for something.” Ye Wanwan got straight to the topic.

“Sister Famous Ye… Meeting up isn’t a problem, but you need to pay the hiring fee for the Star Destroyer mercenary team first…” Nameless Nie said urgently.

“I sent you the address already. We can settle the bill then.” Ye Wanwan hung up after saying that.

Then she stood up and gave Virus and Great White a round of scratching and petting before leaving the Fearless Alliance.

A teahouse in Yun City:

Ye Wanwan waited for more than an hour before Nameless Nie entered with the dust of a long journey.

“Here,” Ye Wanwan called at him.

Nameless Nie looked around for a moment and saw Ye Wanwan. He strode toward her.

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