Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 143: A late night call

Chapter 143: A late night call

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At an exquisite club in Imperial City, late at night:

A slightly plump middle-aged man's expression changed after he picked up a call. He dashed out in a hurry.

The man's hands trembled as he made a call, "Xiaxia, we're in trouble!"

A lazy teenager's voice came through the receiver, "What is it?"

"I've just heard that your fifth uncle landed in Si Ye Han's hands!"

The teenager sighed, "Tsk, useless."

The middle-aged man wiped his sweat while speaking nervously, "Xiaxia, you have to quickly think of a way to get him out!"

The teenager sounded annoyed, "I don't want to waste my time on a useless bum. Anyway, you think we can help by going over now? We won't even be able to find a single bone, much less his corpse!

"Then what should we do now? Are we going to just leave him to die?"

"Obviously... We can't let him off so easily!"


At Jin garden:

After Xu Yi received his orders and was about to clean up the scene with Liu Ying, a phone started ringing suddenly.

Xu Yi looked at the caller ID and panicked suddenly, "Master, old madam's calling!"

Si Ye Han's gaze darkened, "Answer it."

Xu Yi nodded and then turned on the loudspeaker, "Hello, old madam. It's so late, is everything all right?"

The displeased voice of the old madam came through the receiver, "Xu Yi, get Little 9th to the phone! Now!"

Xu Yi turned to Si Ye Han nervously.

Si Ye Han raised his outstretched hand.

Xu Yi went over swiftly, passed the phone over to Si Ye Han and made eye contact with Liu Ying.

Both of them looked uneasy.


"Little 9th! Why haven't you been picking up? Tell me honestly, where are you and what're you doing right now?!" The old lady questioned him; obviously, she'd received some news.

Xu Yi and Liu Ying broke out in cold sweats when they heard the old madam's questions.

The old madam was against the brothers fighting with one another. If she found out what happened tonight, the consequences would be dire.

"Jin garden." Si Ye Han answered.

"Let me ask you, did your 5th brother..."

The old lady hasn't finished speaking when Ye Wanwan leaned her head over impatiently and asked Si Ye Han, "Is that grandma on the phone?"

When the raging old madam heard Ye Wanwan's voice, she was stunned. A brief moment later, she asked in a surprised tone, "Wanwan?"

"Grandma! It's me!" Ye Wanwan heard grandma calling her name and out of respect, she rushed over to the phone to greet her. She mouthed to Si Ye Han, "Hurry, let me speak to grandma!"

Si Ye Han looked at her, deep in thought, then passed the phone to her.

Liu Ying's face changed when he saw that Si Ye Han had simply passed such an important call over to Ye Wanwan, but it was too late for him to stop Si Ye Han.

What if this woman says something wrong?! I can't imagine the consequences!

"Grandma, it's me, it's Wanwan!" Ye Wanwan immediately said it in the sweetest voice, after she got the phone.

Hearing Ye Wanwan's voice, the old madam's tone became much warmer but there was still a hint of suspicion, "Wanwan, you're at Little 9th's? Don't you live on campus?"

Ye Wanwan replied, slightly embarrassed, "I missed him a bit so I came back."

The old madam sounded pleased and asked, "What were you and Little 9th doing?"

Each time the old madam asked a question, Xu Yi and Liu Ying's heart rates rose by a fraction, afraid that Ye Wanwan would say something wrong.

There were murderous intentions brewing in Liu Ying's eyes, and he was ready to kill this woman if she dared to say anything wrong!

Xu Yi wasn't feeling much better either. Without exaggeration, all of their lives were in the hands of Ye Wanwan!

Ye Wanwan wasn't the master after all; she didn't have that kind of quality. Even if she didn't mention the scene in front of them, the old madam with her sharpness would surely find out what happened if she picked up even a slight difference in Wanwan's voice.

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