Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 144: So stupid... is she retarded?

Chapter 144: So stupid... is she retarded?

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Xu Yi was worried and took a glimpse at Si Ye Han. In the end, he saw that his master looked nonchalant, as if this was just an ordinary call from his family.

As the saying goes, "The emperor's calm while the eunuch's completely anxious."

Under the watchful gaze of Xu Yi and Liu Ying, Ye Wanwan replied, "Eating buns. I brought back some buns from the store selling really good ones near my school entrance; they're really delicious!"

The old madam over the phone was silent for a while like she was assessing her response. After a brief moment, she finally heaved a sigh of relief and said lovingly, "Wanwan, you like eating buns? Come over to grandma's place next time and I'll make them for you. I guarantee that they're tastier than the ones you bought!"

Ye Wanwan said eagerly, "Thanks, grandma! Then can I come over next week?"

The old madam was very glad, "Sure sure sure, of course you can! You can come over anytime; grandma can't wait for you to come over!"

When the old lady finished speaking, she called out through the phone, "Little 9th!"

Ye Wanwan quickly returned the phone to Si Ye Han.

But Si Ye Han didn't hold the phone and simply moved closer to the receiver, "I'm here."

"Little 9th, you must be nice to Wanwan; don't be mean to someone else's daughter! You can show a black face to other people every day but you can't be like that to your girlfriend. Also, Wanwan's still young and growing and senior year's very taxing--you have to help replenish her nutrition..."

"I know."

"Don't just tell me you know; you have to change all your bad habits and bad temper too!"

Ye Wanwan nodded repeatedly as she listened. Grandma, you're truly like my real grandmother.

The old lady nagged at Si Ye Han for a long time before hanging up finally.

When the living room had regained its silence, Xu Yi and Liu Ying both heaved a sigh of relief.

A crisis was averted simply by Ye Wanwan's trial and error.

If it wasn't for Ye Wanwan, even if the master had denied what had happened, the old lady would still be suspicious.

There wasn't the slightest difference in Ye Wanwan's tone from beginning to end, even under pressure from this kind of situation.

She must either have incredible abilities or she's stupid... So stupid that she might truly be retarded...

No need to guess, it must be the latter.

After that, Liu Ying and Xu Yi cleaned up the bloody scene swiftly.

Very soon, everything returned to normal, as if the bloody scene was just an illusion.

Actually, Ye Wanwan felt relieved as well. I passed the test tonight, right?

I even covered for Si Ye Han and got credit for it!

After Xu Yi and Liu Ying left, there was only Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han left in the room.

"Why'd you come?" Si Ye Han looked at her and asked.

Ye Wanwan replied, "My roommate went on a date and made me want to see you! Oh right, I have a new roommate now: her name is Jiang Yan Ran."

Ye Wanwan took the opportunity to tell Si Ye Han that she was no longer living alone, "Jiang Yan Ran and I used to share a dorm room together but we couldn't get along so our relationship wasn't too good. Some things happened in these few days and we've patched things up!"

Si Ye Han probably didn't care whether these little girls were on good or bad terms and didn't respond.

Thus, Ye Wanwan took the chance to talk about the cruel things that Shen Meng Qi did, "Although Meng Qi's my best friend, I think she went overboard this time. How could she snatch the guy that her good friend likes? You better not be seduced by her!"

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