Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 142: Wasn't easy to put up a strong front!

Chapter 142: Wasn't easy to put up a strong front!

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Just as Ye Wanwan relaxed, an earth-shattering growl of a tiger suddenly resounded from somewhere close behind her; the vibration was so strong that even the floor shook.

"Ah!" Ye Wanwan, who had just claimed that she wasn't afraid, was so scared out of her wits that she immediately pounced onto Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han, who was being pounded on the chest by the girl with the buns, "..."

Xu Yi: "..."

After Ye Wanwan regained her senses, she glanced at Si Ye Han, embarrassed. She then followed by glaring at the white tiger who had its snow-white fur stained with fresh blood and was charging towards her ferociously and roaring continuously at her. She was fuming mad.

Damn it! Why is it roaring at me all of a sudden?!

I managed to keep it together for so long and but all my efforts just went to waste!

It wasn't easy to put up a strong front!

When the white tiger saw Ye Wanwan jumping onto Si Ye Han, it stopped moving but still paced around the sofa as it stared at Ye Wanwan in a hostile manner.

Its gaze was exactly the way you would look at an intruder.

This white tiger was Si Ye Han's pet that he kept in Jin garden.

The Jin garden was surrounded by a big dense forest and white tigers often roamed around the forest by themselves.

The white tiger's name was Si Lu Te, which translated to "slaughter" in English. You'd know it was a fearsome beast and not some tame housecat just going by its name.

In her previous life, Ye Wanwan hated and feared this white tiger almost as much as how she felt towards Si Ye Han.

However, after she was reborn, although she just saw it breaking the man's neck and roaring like a beast, she didn't have a deep hatred and revulsion towards it. Instead, she felt a sense of nostalgia and guilt.

Previously, it was this white tiger that saved her life countless times. In order to block the path of people chasing after her, it got trapped.

She witnessed the white tiger being murdered by those people till its final breath, all while trying to protect her.

Ye Wanwan suddenly became teary-eyed.

In the eyes of Si Ye Han, he probably thought she was in tears from the fright.

Certainly, a sneer came from her side--it was the black-shirted teenager who had carried out the execution, Ming Liu Ying.

As the saying goes, enemies are bound to meet.

This teenager looked quite young but he was secretly the most formidable expert by Si Ye Han's side. His methods were ruthless--many deplorable incidents were settled by him.

Just like before, Liu Ying hated this pest by Si Ye Han's side to the point where he didn't hesitate to offer to kill her before.

Ye Wanwan's relationship with him was as incompatible as fire with water.

Si Ye Han looked at the girl who had her arms and legs wrapped around him. His gaze paused for a moment and then, he stretched his broad palms out and patted her head. He then narrowed his eyes and looked at the white tiger, "Si Lu Te."

The white tiger heard the master's warning. The eyes of the feral beast were filled with a sinister scarlet glint and it roared softly. The way it looked at Ye Wanwan was as if he was ready to tear her apart the next second.

Both man and tiger confronted each other like that for quite a long time. After many minutes had passed, the white tiger finally left grudgingly under the master's stare.

Even this white tiger was unable to dominate Si Ye Han, so it was hard to blame Ye Wanwan for being so fearful of him in her previous life.

But she only found out a long while later that sometimes, a person's heart was much scarier than a beast's.

After the white tiger left, Si Ye Han looked at Xu Yi, "Go receive your own punishment."

Xu Yi, who was in a daze, immediately replied, "Yes!"

He already knew that this was the best outcome.

Ye Wanwan had saved everyone with her "Are you hungry" question and also saved herself in the process.

This was probably just her abnormal reaction after getting such a huge scare. Otherwise, how could a person have such a drastic change in nature?

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