Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 141: Are you scared?

Chapter 141: Are you scared?

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On the sofa, the man's eyes became increasingly gloomy and he had an unwavering severity on his chiselled face. He looked like a demon walking out from the depths of hell, especially on this dark, blood-filled night.

With the white tiger's deep roar and Si Ye Han's presence, the room was completely icy without any warmth at all.

At this moment, Xu Yi was soaked in sweat. He never expected that Ye Wanwan would come over and the worst thing was that she actually witnessed what happened.

He made a grave mistake in not noticing the presence of Ye Wanwan and allowing her to enter just like that.

I'm so dead...

Xu Yi's entire body trembled, his heart was burnt to ashes.

However, at this moment, he saw Ye Wanwan walking directly to the master and overheard her asking, "Are you hungry?"

Xu Yi looked at Ye Wanwan with enlarged eyes, thinking that he was hallucinating.

Wha... What did I just hear?

Presented with this situation, Ye Wanwan's only reaction was to ask whether the master was hungry, whether he wanted a bun?

And she even said it in a tone like it was a regular, jolly day...

Shouldn't Ye Wanwan have gone berserk and run away, screaming and yelling?

The strong scent of blood mixed together with the smell of meat from the buns was revolting. Xu Yi looked at Ye Wanwan and then turned to look at the master on the sofa; it was as if he was dreaming.

The aloof teenager standing on the other side of Si Ye Han narrowed his eyes and looked at Ye Wanwan with a hint of warning in his eyes.

Ye Wanwan didn't have the energy to care about his reaction; she focused on Si Ye Han alone.

She could see him staring at her with his dark pupils; his scrutinizing gaze seemed to peer through her soul, causing a chill to creep up her spine.

After some time in the suffocating silence, Si Ye Han glanced at the lonely bun in her hand and finally asked, "Are you scared?"

Ye Wanwan was shocked and she quickly replied in a firm tone without hesitation, "No."

Even though that was what she said, her heart was actually about to fall apart.

She really didn't know where Si Ye Han found the courage to ask her this question.

Am I scared?

If I wasn't scared, would I even be considered a normal human being?

However, she had endured such a painful end in her previous life because of her fear. This time, even if she was extremely afraid, she couldn't show it to Si Ye Han. Otherwise, if this scene was replayed, she might not be able to maintain her composure.

Si Ye Han's temperament was far too volatile and enigmatic. In her previous life, she never knew which action or comment she accidentally made that infuriated him.

In this life, she still couldn't understand this man. But she could use her experience from her previous life to prevent herself from doing anything that would enrage him.

While Ye Wanwan nervously waited, Si Ye Han looked at her for a few seconds with eyes as dark as black holes. She wasn't sure whether he believed her words.

After a few seconds, the man pinched her chin with his chilly fingers and whispered in a low, hoarse voice, "Good girl."

Judging by this... He's probably satisfied with my reply and performance.

Even if he doesn't believe me, he doesn't seem to mind.

I took the right gamble!

Ye Wanwan's tensed nerves instantly relaxed--it was as if she had just gone through a near-death situation.

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