Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 140: Are you hungry?

Chapter 140: Are you hungry?

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"Si Ye Han! You'll get your retribution! Don't think that I don't know! Second, third, fourth... Even sixth and seventh brothers... all died in your hands... I'm telling grandma... I'm telling all the elders in the Si family... they won't let you off... they'll never let you off..."

The man was already incapable of walking. He kept shouting insanely while crawling forward bit by bit.

Si Ye Han didn't stop him; he simply watched in silence as the man struggled in vain with his last breath.

The man had already crawled to the door and reached out to open it...

At that moment, a white shadow pounced over at lightning speed. The malicious tiger bit down on the man's neck instantly.

His neck was as crooked as a kite with a broken string and his blood spewed all over the living room like a flower blossoming, accompanied by the crackling sounds of the tiger gnawing on the bones...

This scene was far too horrifying, even for the Ye Wanwan who had lived two lives.

"Ah——" Ye Wanwan finally couldn't hold it in anymore as she let out a scream from the door of the garden.

At the same time, the glass door she was hiding behind was pushed open while she was still in shock.

In the next second, she was met with a pair of eyes that could freeze her blood and she saw the living room akin to hell clearly.

Xu Yi, who was standing next to Si Ye Han, was dumbfounded when he saw her. His face seized with terror, "Ye... Ms Ye... Why are you here..."

I'm finished!

Why would Ye Wanwan suddenly appear here?! Isn't she supposed to be in school?

The teenager in black, who stood on the other side of Si Ye Han, looked condescendingly at Ye Wanwan who was totally pale. He furrowed his brows with a look of disgust and disdain.

Ye Wanwan's stomach turned. Her relationship with Si Ye Han had been good recently which actually made her view this devil as a human for once.

Oh, Si Ye Han... How could he ever be a normal human being...?

If he was, she wouldn't have been so desperate to leave him in her previous life.

Gu Yue Ze saying that Si Ye Han was violent, ruthless and bloodthirsty was an understatement.

To this day, she could remember the first time she witnessed him murdering someone. It wasn't any less bloody than this.

That time, she was so scared that she called him a "devil" and cried, asking him to let her go. She acted like a lunatic. She even used all kinds of vicious words to curse him. After causing a ruckus for half a month and falling very ill, she wasn't able to change anything and was forced to witness another bloody scene until she only had a faint breath of life left, then he let her off...

With so many memories flooding back, Ye Wanwan's head started to hurt. However, all these memories flashed past for only a second or two.

Ye Wanwan quickly calmed herself down, patted away the dust on her body, stood up and picked up her schoolbag. With the plastic bag in her hand, step by step, she walked towards Si Ye Han without looking anywhere else...

Facing the fearful Xu Yi, the teenager with a cold expression, the blood-covered floor under her feet and the sound of the white tiger crushing the bones of the human...

Finally, she reached Si Ye Han.

She passed the bag of meat buns to him, "Hey, are you hungry? I bought some really good buns on the way back here."

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