Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 139: A surprise turned into a scare

Chapter 139: A surprise turned into a scare

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An hour later, the cab stopped in the nearby Jin garden.

To Ye Wanwan's devastating discovery, she had finished four of the buns that she brought for Si Ye Han!

There was only one left when she arrived at Jin garden and she tried very hard to resist the temptation to devour it.

I have to walk faster and save this last one!

In order to create a surprise, Ye Wanwan didn't tell anybody that she was coming back. Instead, she sneaked in from the back door of the little garden.

It was only when she was about to arrive that a sudden realisation hit her--what if Si Ye Han's not home today?

Ye Wanwan contemplated this as she strolled across the yard and continued walking. There was only a little light turned on in the living room; the light was quite dim but since there was a light on, there should be someone home.

Thus, Ye Wanwan quickened her pace and walked in the direction of the living room. Then, just as she reached the big glass door and prepared to push the door open to enter, her pupils contracted and she paused.


In the air... There's the smell of blood in the air...

It's getting thicker and thicker! So thick that it's making me nauseous.

It was coming from the living room.

What's going on?

There was a thick curtain over the glass door so she had no way of looking into the living room.


Just as Ye Wanwan's nerves were extremely tense, a heart-wrenching shout came from the living room suddenly.

"Ah—— Kill me! Si Ye Han! Just kill me!"

In the late of night, that shrill voice made her hair stand on end.

Ye Wanwan was motionless and didn't dare to move an inch.

She carefully peeped into the living room through the crack of the glass door. From her angle, she could only see a winding trail of blood all over the floor, seeping into the pure white carpet...

Following the trail of blood, she saw Si Ye Han sitting on the sofa. He had on a modestly expensive, tailored, dark-coloured suit. The watch on his wrist exuded a cold luminosity and next to his legs laid a white tiger, its hair as white as snow.

The white tiger had its eyes closed lazily, like it was asleep but was unable to conceal the deadly aura of a beast emitting from its body, as if he might tear his prey apart anytime.

On Si Ye Han's right was Xu Yi and on his left, was a teenager in a black shirt.

A few steps away from Si Ye Han, a man was rolling around in convulsions on the floor with his entire body soaked in blood.

There wasn't a good piece of meat left on the guy and the area around his knees was bleeding non-stop. Two solid things at the side had some meat attached to them, which seemed like the two knee bones extracted from the man...

Under the screams of the man that caused one's scalp to tingle, the man on the sofa had an inhumane expression on his face. His thin lips moved slightly, letting out an emotionless voice, "Continue."

Following Si Ye Han's order, the teenager in the black shirt moved forward, raised his knife and cut down without hesitation...

Ye Wanwan was so scared that she shut her eyes. She didn't witness anything but just by the shrill howl of the man, she could imagine the torture he was under.

"Ah ah ah—— Si Ye Han! You're inhumane! You beast! Monster! The blood of the Si family flows in me, I'm your blood brother! How could you treat me like this! You actually dared to do this to me! Ah——"

Ye Wanwan's heart started pounding hard, what? This man is Si Ye Han's blood brother?

Which one?

Judging by his age, he couldn't be Si Xia's father...

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