Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1424 - Isn't this too absurd?!

Chapter 1424: Isn’t this too absurd?!

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It couldn’t be helped though since his Ninth Brother personally witnessed his precious wife getting in another man’s car…

“Ninth Brother, why don’t you just bluntly admit your identity…” Lin Que grumbled, unable to bear it anymore.

Si Yehan was silent for a moment before saying, “If I admit my identity, she won’t leave the Independent State.”

How dangerous would it be for Ye Wanwan to stay in the Independent State? Moreover, he just confirmed that Ye Wanwan hadn’t recovered her memories, so her situation would only be more dangerous in this kind of situation.

“Ninth Brother… then why did you tell Ye Wanwan about Si Yehan of the ancient Si clan… What were your intentions?” Lin Que didn’t understand why his Ninth Brother exposed his own alias.

“I told her about the ancient Si clan to erase her suspicions about me,” Si Yehan replied.

Moreover, she would eventually discover that identity of his. Perhaps she already discovered his identity in the ancient Si clan.

He told Ye Wanwan there was someone named Si Yehan who looked like him in the ancient Si clan so she would definitely think that Si Yehan of the ancient Si clan was him.

Moreover, the ancient Si clan and Si Yehan truly existed, so no issues would arise even if she looked into it.

Lin Que said thoughtfully, “So Ninth Brother, your objective was to… make Si Yehan think Si Yehan of the ancient Si clan is the true you…

“At that time, you only need to return to the Si clan and inform them to tell anyone looking into Si Yehan that he went back to China, Ninth Brother…

“After obtaining this information, Ye Wanwan will definitely believe it and think you really returned to China… Then she’ll leave the Independent State and return to China…”

Lin Que gave Si Yehan a giant thumbs up. “Ninth Brother, clever… truly clever! Even the higher-ups of the Si clan don’t know Lord Asura is Si Yehan… This way, the lie would be seamless.”

Ah, Ninth Brother is truly putting in some painstaking effort.

Si Yehan didn’t respond to Lin Que. He merely didn’t want Ye Wanwan to stay in this troublesome place, the Independent State. Moreover, he had just returned to the Independent State and regrouped Asura, so he wasn’t currently strong enough to ensure her safety; even he himself was taking a great risk.

China was different though. China was an extremely powerful country, and the Independent State’s power couldn’t seep into China, so it was much safer.

“Ninth Brother… Say, how did Ye Wanwan become the president of the Fearless Alliance… Isn’t this too strange…?” Lin Que’s brows knitted in confusion.

Si Yehan himself couldn’t understand it, let alone Lin Que.

Si Yehan knew Ye Wanwan was indeed a member of the Fearless Alliance many years ago, but how did she suddenly turn around and transform into the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, today…

Additionally, Ye Wanwan hadn’t recovered any of her memories.

Si Yehan was contemplative.

Back then, Ye Wanwan didn’t reveal her identity when she met him, so he automatically thought Ye Wanwan was a normal member of the Fearless Alliance.

When linked with the time Bai Feng, the president of the Fearless Alliance, went missing…

Perhaps Ye Wanwan was Bai Feng to begin with?

Back then, Ye Wanwan thought he was a small leader in Asura, and he also thought Ye Wanwan was a small leader in the Fearless Alliance.

In other words, both the leader of Asura and the Fearless Alliance thought the other was an unknown nobody…

Lin Que was shocked when he heard Si Yehan’s hypothesis and asked incredulously, “Sh*t… Ninth Brother, isn’t this too absurd…”


Author’s Note:

Wanwan: You don’t need to come pick me up. I’m many other people’s little darling now, hmph! o( ̄ヘ̄o#)

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