Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1423 - I didn’t do anything to him

Chapter 1423: I didn’t do anything to him

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Ye Wanwan automatically looked at Ji Xiuran and saw Ji Xiuran’s eyes turning a few degrees cooler.

Fine! You win!

Ye Wanwan ruthlessly glared at the man across from them and hastily explained to Ji Xiuran. “That, um, was for business collaboration! I left my number purely for business collaboration! I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything to him!”

Sh*t, she was better off not explaining. Why did it feel like she dug herself a bigger hole with her explanation?

But the problem was that she really didn’t do anything! She merely wanted to test him, so why did she feel so guilty?

“Business collaboration?” Dangerous mockery flitted through his eyes when Si Yehan saw her anxiously explaining herself. An eerie, bone-chilling coldness enveloped heaven and earth, and he felt like something was about to break free of its cage…

When Ye Wanwan saw his ill-boding expression, she felt an overflowing sense of danger.

It’s over, it’s over! Her current identity was Bro Flattop, Ji Xiuran’s fiancée. If this man said anything he shouldn’t say and allowed Emperor Ji to know she privately went to “seduce” Lord Asura, she would have a volcanic eruption on her hands!

Ye Wanwan was facing a crisis she’d never encountered before in her acting career!

This was truly the embodiment of the saying: “Go for wool and come back shorn.”

Ye Wanwan ran around in circles from panic and in the end, she had no choice but to play pitiful. She pitifully peered at the man across from her.

Boss! I was wrong! I beg you to not expose me!

Si Yehan felt like the turbulent emotions in his chest were about to explode but when he saw her pitiful and pleading expression, the roaring beast that was about to charge out of its cage instantly felt its eyes softening…

His fingers clenched as his eyes swept over Ye Wanwan’s face.

“Then I won’t send you off further.” He promptly turned around and re-entered the manor.

Ye Wanwan relaxed dramatically when she saw his retreating figure.

She clearly wanted to force him to reveal a flaw, but why did she end up being the one who almost exposed herself…

It’s too cruel…

But she thankfully dodged disaster.

Hm… Although there didn’t seem to be anything amiss with Lord Asura’s words just now, and he was probably trying to unsettle her at most, it actually elicited a feeling of strangeness in her.

Ji Xiuran pensively glanced at her when she saw her intently looking in the direction Lord Asura went. “Xiao Feng, let’s go.”

“Oh, okay…” Ye Wanwan nodded frantically. She had to go back sooner and figure out a way to infiltrate the ancient Si clan as soon as possible.

Some distance away from them, Si Yehan watched as his girl entered Ji Xiuran’s car and the car disappeared from his sight. His expression was darker than it had ever been.

There was some rustling nearby as Lin Que, who’d secretly watched the whole thing, peeked out his head and timidly asked, “Ahem, um… Ninth… Ninth Brother… are you okay…”

Just as he finished speaking, blood spilled out from the corner of Si Yehan’s mouth, causing his dark face to be more chilly and terrifying…

“Ninth Brother!!!”

Lin Que was spooked out of his mind. Sh*t… He… he was so angry that he spat blood out…

Well… it looks like there’s no way he’s okay…

Lin Que couldn’t help but shiver as he stood next to Si Yehan and saw his frosty gaze.

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