Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1425 - Be more compliant

Chapter 1425: Be more compliant

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Si Yehan shook his head. “It’s only speculation; we don’t know the truth.”

Unless Ye Wanwan recovered her memories, everything would be a mystery.

“Ninth Brother, what should we do now… Ye Wanwan ran off with Emperor Ji…” Lin Que propped his chin up, adopting a thinking look.

“Send someone to watch them.” Si Yehan turned and left.

Lin Que nodded. They had to watch them… After all, someone else taking advantage of a lapse was the most fatal!

“You can tell Emperor Ji is a real piece of work! He’s the emperor of Europe’s underground syndicates and controls the entire underground empire in Europe. Plus, he’s also the heir of the Ji family, one of the four great clans… As for his looks, they’re passable… but he’s too enticing to women… Ah, Ninth Brother, wait for me!” The blabbering Lin Que immediately chased after Si Yehan upon seeing him leave.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the Martial Arts Union:

Inside the grand hall, several elders of the union sat on the side and looked at the man above them.

“President, President Fearless and Lord Asura have met already, but nothing seemed to have happened,” an elder said while looking at the man’s back.

A moment later, the man slowly turned around with a glass of red wine—the color of blood—in his hand.

His fingers gently swirled the glass as perverted lunacy surfaced in his eyes. “Is that so… They finally met… Then… this game has just begun…”

If Ye Wanwan was there and saw the president of the Martial Arts Union, she would definitely be shocked out of her mind. She would never expect to be so familiar with the president’s face…

The elders looked at the man with smiles on their faces.

The man before them was the Martial Arts Union’s current present.

“President, there’s one thing I don’t understand. An elder looked at the man and asked, “Asura and the Fearless Alliance are insignificant to the Martial Arts Union, so why does the president want the Fearless Alliance to come into contact with Asura? Do you really want to see the Fearless Alliance’s attitude toward Asura, or was your purpose something else?”

The man sardonically smiled and said, “I have my purpose.”

Since the president said that, the elders nodded and didn’t say anything else.

At the same time, as Ye Wanwan sat inside Emperor Ji’s car, thousands of emotions coursed through her body.

She never would’ve expected today’s situation…

One of them had to do with Lord Asura, and the other had to do with Si Yehan of the ancient Si clan.

Whether it was the information revealed by Lord Asura or the information given by Nameless Nie and Taoist Devotee, Si Yehan of the Si clan was the one most likely to be Ah-Jiu…

Of course, Ye Wanwan wasn’t dumb. If Lord Asura was truly Si Yehan but didn’t want to reunite with her, he’d definitely have a lot of reasons and excuses. After all, he was an adept expert at the technique of diverting one’s attention…

She had to keep testing Lord Asura and also had to closely look into the ancient Si clan!

There was no way she wouldn’t find Si Yehan!

“Next time, don’t come to this kind of place,” Ji Xiuran said from his spot next to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was speechless when she heard that. It wasn’t like she could control whether she went there…

Ignoring the fact that the Martial Arts Union was watching her, Lord Asura also invited her. If she didn’t come, she’d offend both sides.

Of course, Ye Wanwan knew that her current identity was Emperor Ji’s fiancée… so it would be better for her to be more compliant…

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