Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1414 - Telling a bare-faced lie

Chapter 1414: Telling a bare-faced lie

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“Jiang Yan.” Si Yehan turned to the red-haired man.

The red-haired man walked toward Si Yehan.

“I heard that part of Asura’s forces were ordered by the Yan family while I was gone these past years. Is that true?” Si Yehan’s voice was cold like a millennium-old glacier, sending people’s hearts shuddering.

“Yes, Yan Yun of the Yan family claimed to be your wife and the Yan family continued to assert that their previous patriarch discussed marriage with you. Some of Asura’s members believed it and were controlled and ordered by Yan Yun,” the red-haired man answered honestly.

“En,” Si Yehan said indifferently. “Severely punish those people.”

“I understand.” The red-haired man nodded.

Patriarch Yan, Yan Yun, and their group were all rooted to their spots. This wasn’t what they expected at all…

Si Yehan didn’t look at the Yan family at all and turned to Ye Wanwan again. He was about to speak when a leader stood up and said while cupping his fists, “Lord Asura, President Fearless is insolent in her speech and disrespected you; she should be punished by death!”

However, Si Yehan was nonchalant and coldly said, “Victories and failures are common in military affairs. I did lose tragically back then; President Fearless merely spoke the truth.”


The leaders were incredulous. Wasn’t this going too far in… telling a bare-faced lie?

When did Asura lose…? Even if they were defeated, they were defeated under the attack of many factions! They didn’t lose to the Fearless Alliance alone!

Ye Wanwan pensively surveyed the man on the throne, both angry and annoyed. If he wasn’t Si Yehan, why would he be so lenient? If he was Si Yehan, why didn’t he acknowledge her?!

Even if he didn’t acknowledge her on the spot, he could definitely give her a hint with his intelligence. Even a look would be good! He shouldn’t treat her like a stranger and not react at all.

Unless… he was purposefully pretending to not know her…

“President Fearless.” Si Yehan suddenly turned to Ye Wanwan.

“Speak.” Ye Wanwan’s voice was a bit cold.

“Since you came today, your tribute can’t lack a single cent every month,” Si Yehan said.

“You’ll only make my Fearless Alliance pay tributes to your Asura if I die,” Ye Wanwan snapped brusquely.

Seven Star and Big Dipper were surprised. Wasn’t this too much…? They could escape after causing enough trouble. If they continued like this… it wouldn’t be fun.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t care about that. She stared at Si Yehan and coolly said, “What? My Fearless Alliance has always been like this; we’ve never been afraid of anyone. Even if the Heavenly Emperor came, we’d act the same to him, let alone you.”

Si Yehan was silent for a moment before saying, “Give me a reason for Fearless Alliance not paying tributes.”

Ye Wanwan blurted, “I told you already! The Fearless Alliance is very poor; we don’t have any money!”

Several leaders chortled when they heard that. One of them pointed at Ye Wanwan and said, “Utter nonsense! Your Fearless Alliance is the most lawless force in the entire Independent State. Theft, robbery, murder, arson, plunder—there’s nothing that the Fearless Alliance won’t do! If your Fearless Alliance is poor, there’s probably no one who’s rich in the Independent State!”

“Bullsh*t!” Big Dipper pointed at that person and cursed. “Don’t spout nonsense if you don’t know jack sh*t about my Fearless Alliance! My Fearless Alliance does everything, but we’ve never committed theft! The Fearless Alliance is rather good at murder, arson, and plundering though.”

Ye Wanwan was exasperated and wished nothing more than to slap Big Dipper to death. Why’s his chest so puffed up? What’s there to be proud of?!

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