Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1415 - Zealous wife protector is online

Chapter 1415: Zealous wife protector is online

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“Since it’s like that”—Si Yehan looked at Ye Wanwan but pointed at Patriarch Yan—”the Yan family will be responsible for the Fearless Alliance’s tributes every month from now on.”

Everyone froze, astonishment on their faces.

What did it have to do with the Yan family…?

Patriarch Yan stared at Si Yehan in shock. He thought he heard wrong, but when he saw identical expressions on Yan Yun and other people’s faces, he hastily said to Si Yehan, “Lord Asura… what… what do you mean… Why is my Yan family paying for the Fearless Alliance’s tribute?”

What kind of insane logic was this?!

They were completely unrelated to the Fearless Alliance, so why did they have to pay for the Fearless Alliance’s tribute?!

Si Yehan replied indifferently, “Many years ago, the Yan family had multiple business dealings with the Fearless Alliance, and the Yan family owes a large sum of money to the Fearless Alliance. Am I correct?”

Seven Star frowned slightly upon hearing that. If it weren’t for Lord Asura mentioning this matter, he would’ve forgotten about it already.

Before President Fearless disappeared, she did have multiple business dealings with the Yan family, and the Yan family owed the Fearless Alliance a large unpaid debt after their last deal. However, President Fearless disappeared, and the Yan family ratted on this debt and didn’t mention it again. Even when the Fearless Alliance urged them multiple times, the Yan family dismissed it with all sorts of excuses and was unwilling to repay the debt back to the Fearless Alliance…

This matter was the talk of the town back then, so Lord Asura naturally knew about it.

“You shameless old fart! You owe our Fearless Alliance so much money but won’t even mention a lick of it! If Lord Asura didn’t bring it up, I nearly would’ve forgotten,” Big Dipper loudly shouted as he pointed at Patriarch Yan.

Patriarch Yan’s face flushed red, and he turned resentful. What did Lord Asura mean? Their debt to the Fearless Alliance was many years ago. What was the point in bringing it up now?

Moreover, that was their own business with the Fearless Alliance, so what did it have to do with Asura? Even if Lord Asura couldn’t obtain tributes from Fearless Alliance, it didn’t mean he could deduct it from them!

Patriarch Yan was unwilling to accept it and said to Si Yehan, “Lord Asura… isn’t your decision unjust? More than that, this is a private matter between the Yan family and the Fearless Alliance…”

Patriarch Yan’s implications were obvious. This was private business, so Asura and Lord Asura had no right to manage it, especially since they were a faction subordinate to Asura.

An indescribable chilly glint appeared in Si Yehan’s enchanting eyes as he slowly turned to Patriarch Yan and asked aloofly, “Are you questioning me?”

Si Yehan’s words, along with his bone-chilling gaze, caused Patriarch Yan to tremble and sweat to soak his forehead.

Only then did Patriarch Yan realize who he was speaking to…

His infuriated mind gradually cleared, and Patriarch Yan frantically shook his head. “No no no, Lord Asura, that’s not what I meant. I didn’t intend to question you at all, Lord Asura… I just… Forget it…”

In the end, Patriarch Yan sighed and was forced to suffer in silence.

“Since the Yan family has no objections, you will do as I said and pay the Fearless Alliance’s tribute in their place until you finish paying off your debt,” Si Yehan said as he looked away.

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