Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1413 - What does she have to do with me?

Chapter 1413: What does she have to do with me?

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Ye Wanwan never intended to pay the tribute ever since she accepted Lord Asura’s invitation.

Especially after seeing Lord Asura’s looks which were identical to Si Yehan’s, an insuppressible rage swelled up inside her heart.

He clearly had Si Yehan’s face but looked at her like a stranger and didn’t have any holes; it was as though he didn’t know her.

“Why does Asura deserve to obtain any tributes from my Fearless Alliance?” Ye Wanwan snorted while staring at Lord Asura.

A cold-glint flashed through Jiang Yan’s eyes, but Lord Asura didn’t say anything, so he didn’t dare to do anything.

All the leaders looked at Ye Wanwan with sneers. This president of the Fearless Alliance dared to speak so insolently despite being in Lord Asura’s territory; she was probably desperate to go and reincarnate.

The Yan family was also inwardly sneering. Lord Asura didn’t take action against her yet, but the president was seeking death of her own accord.

“Continue,” Si Yehan said lightly while looking at Ye Wanwan, not looking angered.

“Back then, our Fearless Alliance fought openly with Asura already, and you were defeated by our Fearless Alliance. Yet, a loser like you deliriously wishes to gain profits from the Fearless Alliance? Who gave Asura the courage?” Ye Wanwan disdainfully said.

Everyone looked at each other wordlessly.

The president of the Fearless Alliance truly knew how to gild her face! Many years ago, many forces in the Independent State teamed up together to attack Asura, not the Fearless Alliance alone! Moreover, Asura wasn’t defeated miserably.

Yet, through President Fearless’ mouth, it sounded like the Fearless Alliance singly challenged Asura and defeated Asura! She was clearly trying to anger Lord Asura on purpose, right…

“Lord Asura… Since President Fearless dares to be so presumptuous and is shooting her mouth off today, if we allow her to leave today, we’d be returning a tiger to her den! We can’t spare her!” Yan Yun stepped forward and hastily said while looking at Si Yehan.

Si Yehan’s bone-chilling gaze languidly landed on Yan Yun and said aloofly, “Do you have the right to speak here?”

Yan Yun was startled. Her face was incredulous.

Didn’t Father tell her that Lord Asura would marry her…? Moreover, she’d been flaunting herself as Lord Asura’s wife while he was gone and could mobilize a portion of Asura’s forces…

Patriarch Yan walked forward at once and chuckled. “Lord Asura, did you forget… This is my daughter, Yan Yun…”

Si Yehan glanced at Patriarch Yan. “What does your daughter have to do with me?”

A commotion erupted in the venue.

Hadn’t the Yan family claimed they were in-laws with Asura all along…? But Lord Asura…

“Lord Asura… Back then, didn’t my father, the previous patriarch… tell you to marry Yan Yun…? Soon after, you left… Now that you’ve returned, this marriage…” Patriarch Yan said.

Si Yehan waved his hand and interrupted him coldly, “You’re saying it was your father who discussed it with me.”

“Yes…” Patriarch Yan nodded.

“Then tell your father to come and talk to me,” Si Yehan replied.

“Ah…” Patriarch Yan and everyone from the Yan family instantly froze. The previous patriarch passed away many years ago. How could he reappear to converse with Lord Asura…?

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