Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1412 - Seek justice

Chapter 1412: Seek justice

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“Sis Feng, that’s good enough… Let’s flee…” Big Dipper said to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan surveyed her surroundings. Ever since Lord Asura’s arrival, Asura’s forces had sealed off the manor; it wouldn’t be easy to escape.

“No worries, we’re here!” The curly-haired man revealed a mesmerizing smile.

Big Dipper gave the curly-haired man a thumbs-up. “Reliable!”

“Of course! We’re very professional.” The curly-haired man nodded with a smile.

The higher-ups of the Yan family brought out the Yan woman whose left eye was blinded earlier.

That woman’s eyes were professionally treated and bandaged now and shelooked rather savage and sorry.

“Lord Asura… It’s the work of that b*tch, President Fearless!” a higher-up from the Yan family coldly stated.

“President Fearless…”

Si Yehan looked toward Ye Wanwan, an inexplicable glint flickering in his eyes.

Si Yehan didn’t know why Ye Wanwan traveled to the Independent State from China.

Before he left China, he left behind several capable people to secretly protect Ye Wanwan.

He naturally knew about the Si family’s matters as well as the Ye family’s matters, but he didn’t worry since it shouldn’t be too difficult for Ye Wanwan to resolve these matters with her capabilities.

Moreover, Si Yehan left Ye Wanwan behind in China not only to protect her but also out of a desire to make her rapidly grow on her own. Even gods had moments of miscalculation and error, let alone humans.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t keep growing under the protection of his wings. Otherwise, as soon as he erred, Ye Wanwan would be akin to fragile glass… Her fate would be evident…

Glass would shatter but iron wouldn’t. It was only by increasing her own power that she could ensure her own safety.

Si Yehan looked away. He hadn’t received any news that Ye Wanwan came to the Independent State…

Also, based on her appearance, she didn’t look like she recovered her previous memories…

“Lord Asura, you must give justice to our Yan family…” The higher-up of the Yan family looked at Si Yehan before turning to Ye Wanwan with a sneer.

“Are you telling me what to do?” Si Yehan’s frosty gaze turned to the higher-up from the Yan family.

The Yan higher-up was briefly startled before hastily denying, “N-n-no… It’s not like that.”

Si Yehan turned to Senior Fu and said, “The events?”

The elderly steward nodded and quietly explained the whole story to Si Yehan.

Si Yehan said coldly, “President Bai is an honored guest invited by me, but the members of the Yan family caused trouble without cause. Kill.”

The red-haired man strode toward the woman without any hesitation, and the woman’s neck was snapped in half by the red-haired man before anyone from the Yan family could react.

Everyone found this scene utterly incredulous, especially Patriarch Yan, Yan Yun, and their group.

“Awesome… no wonder Asura’s supreme,” Big Dipper mused. “Lord Asura is establishing his might and telling everyone that anyone who causes trouble in his territory will die regardless of who they are… I reckon we’re next.”

Ye Wanwan frowned. She felt something was off still.

That man had to be Si Yehan!

She lived two lives; there was no way she couldn’t recognize her bedmate.

“President Fearless,” Si Yehan suddenly turned to Ye Wanwan and apathetically called out.

Ye Wanwan turned to the man with a severe glint in her eyes and frankly said, “Lord Asura, our Fearless Alliance won’t pay tributes. Like I said before, perhaps I might consider it if your Asura pays tributes to my Fearless Alliance every month instead.”

“Why aren’t you paying?” Si Yehan asked.


Not paying was not paying, why would there be a why…

“My Fearless Alliance’s financial state has been declining recently. I don’t have any profits myself, yet you want me to give you a tribute?” Ye Wanwan sneered and found a random excuse.

Today, she wanted to test whether this man was Si Yehan or not. If he wasn’t Si Yehan, Lord Asura wouldn’t allow this kind of attitude.

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