Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1409 - Striking glance

Chapter 1409: Striking glance

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Lord Asura had always been mysterious. Everyone knew his name in the Independent State, but very few people knew his true appearance.

The man looked like he was one with the night in his black suit.

After his appearance, the conflict provoked by the president of the Fearless Alliance mellowed, and everyone turned silent.

Soon, the man walked to the dead center of the manor under everyone’s fearful and reverent gaze. He stopped, his eyes sweeping over the crowd.

Yan Yun was intently staring at him, her face brimming with excitement.

This man was truly the esteemed and supreme Lord Asura. She’d once seen him many years ago… After all these years, he didn’t seem to have changed too much except for his hair turning ashen.

The man sat down on the raised seat in the front, assessing everyone as a superior.

Everyone confirmed this man was the esteemed Lord Asura without a doubt as they watched him sitting down.

“Greetings, Lord Asura!”

Dozens of leaders rose and spoke while cupping their fists toward the man on his throne.

The man was expressionless when he heard them and curtly nodded in response.

“Sis Feng, Sis Feng… It’s Lord Asura! Lord Asura’s here…” Big Dipper quietly reminded Ye Wanwan in excitement.

Ye Wanwan was hiding behind the curly-haired man, Big Dipper, and the others, afraid that Lord Asura would notice her.

Ye Wanwan covertly said to the curly-haired man, “Curly, watch me for orders and prepare to flee at any moment…”

“Sis Feng, don’t worry. We’re professionals.” The curly-haired man nodded vehemently to comfort her.

Ye Wanwan didn’t wish to acknowledge this professional troublemaking group anymore and secretly glanced at Lord Asura on his throne.

Before escaping, she had to look at the famous Lord Asura’s true appearance…

Rumors claimed Lord Asura was incredibly ugly; she wondered how ugly he was…

Lord Asura was also currently surveying the Fearless Alliance.

And so, when Ye Wanwan secretly peered up, her eyes clashed with his eyes unexpectedly…

When the duo saw each other, they froze.

Disbelief and shock surfaced in Lord Asura’s eyes. Ye Wanwan was even more stunned. When she saw Lord Asura’s face, she felt like she was struck by transcendent lightning.

In contrast to how Ye Wanwan was shaken to her core, Lord Asura looked away after a brief second, as though he was unintentionally looking at her and didn’t want to leave any clues behind.

“Sis Feng… what’s wrong… Are you okay… Sis Feng…” Big Dipper hurriedly asked with concern upon sensing something amiss in Ye Wanwan’s expression.

However, Ye Wanwan was intently staring at the man on the throne, completely unresponsive, as though she was afraid the man would disappear if she blinked.

“Ahem…” Big Dipper couldn’t help mumbling upon seeing that. “Sis Feng… Sis Feng, wake up… You… didn’t take a liking to Lord Asura’s beauty, right…”

He didn’t expect Lord Asura’s looks to be so havoc-wreaking…

Big Dipper called out several more times, and Ye Wanwan finally returned to her senses, disbelief still evident on her face. If she wasn’t blind, the man sitting on the throne named Lord Asura was… Si Yehan!!!

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