Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1408 - Swords drawn

Chapter 1408: Swords drawn

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“Sis Feng, he protected you just now… That hit costs $500. Remember it and don’t forget it…” The curly-haired man walked to Ye Wanwan’s side and pressed a few numbers on the calculator before placing it in front of Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan surveyed the curly-haired man and wanted to say something but pursed her lips, staying silent. Are we sure the Star Destroyer mercenary team didn’t come here to sabotage me…?

The person hit by glasses man was a member of Asura…

All the powerful figures turned to Ye Wanwan. This woman was seriously arrogant to the max. Not only did she attack the Yan family but she also dared to attack Lord Asura’s people…

“Haha, it looks like President Fearless is truly suicidal. She attacked the Yan family earlier and she’s starting to attack Lord Asura’s people now…”

“You can’t stop some people when they want to die. Just treat it as a free show.”

“I really look forward to how wretchedly President Fearless will die when Lord Asura comes.”

The glasses man in a Chinese tunic suit pushed up his glasses and looked at Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, Lord Nie told us to protect you closely, so we’ll attack anyone who threatens and disrespects you. With us here, Sis Feng doesn’t need to act or have any worries.”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched when she heard glasses man’s words. I’m in more freaking danger with you guys here…

Ye Wanwan’s martial arts skills might be decent in China, but they were disgraceful amidst the experts in the Independent State. Ye Wanwan couldn’t beat a single expert or boss present; perhaps they could even trample her with a single finger.

If she was in the Fearless Alliance’s territory and had a numerical advantage, she wouldn’t need to be afraid, but where was she? She was in Asura’s territory—not the Fearless Alliance’s territory!

If she truly incited public fury, she wouldn’t even know how she died…

Ye Wanwan’s original plan only included aggravating Lord Asura, which would only be considered rude. It shouldn’t be difficult for her to extract herself if it was a mere commotion she caused.

However, the Star Destroyer mercenary team seriously offended everyone there.

“Sis Feng, many of the factions here are inferior to the Fearless Alliance, but their leaders dare to scorn you and even want you to die. I think… their actions are a giant insult toward you, Sis Feng!

“Hence, I think we can kill them all and let them know President Fearless’ dignity can’t be challenged so easily!”

The curly-haired man spoke seriously and didn’t wait for Ye Wanwan’s reply before he started counting heads earnestly.

The people who were pointed at by the curly-haired man all exploded with fury and wanted to charge at Ye Wanwan with everything they had.

At that time, a group of austere and imposing men in black who were fully armed started heading toward them while guarding one person.

The leading man had a cold and detached expression and ash-colored hair. His dark, unfathomable eyes were akin to an icy abyss and didn’t contain a single trace of human emotion.

Following this man’s appearance, the manor’s temperature plunged down to the freezing point.

“This… this is Lord Asura…?”

Fear and dread surfaced in the powerful figures’ eyes when they saw the man.

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