Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1407 - Leave an escape

Chapter 1407: Leave an escape

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She originally only agreed to attend Lord Asura’s conference to make her stance clear to the Martial Arts Union. Who knew it would progress to this state…

As expected, Nameless Nie’s people were all freaking unreliable…

“Sis Feng, do we kill or not? The patriarch of the Yan family and his daughter, Yan Yun, are stronger, so we might have to charge extra… An extra thousand or so for each one—that should be fine, right…?” the curly-haired man asked Ye Wanwan urgently.

This was a large sale, so he had to grasp this opportunity…

“Stop thinking about killing people… Prepare to escape later…” Ye Wanwan felt utterly helpless.

“It’ll cost something to escape too… At that time, if a fight really breaks out, the three of us will protect you and your two subordinates while we escape, but we’ll be in danger, so this will cost more than killing someone… At least $20,000. Otherwise, it’s out of the question,” the curly-haired man jabbered on as his fingers furiously tapped his calculator.

Ye Wanwan wanted to die. Did Nameless Nie really send them here to help her instead of getting her into trouble…?

Couldn’t he have found some people more normal and reliable, leaving her an escape route at least?!


A white-haired elderly man slowly walked out of the manor and swept his eyes across the guests. “Allow me to introduce myself—I’m Lord Asura’s steward… Lord Asura will arrive momentarily. Please remain calm.”

Everyone nodded in response.

Ye Wanwan started leisurely strolling around the manor when she heard about Lord Asura’s imminent arrival.

Instead of a stroll, she was actually trying to remember the escape routes. Otherwise, she, Seven Star, ad Big Dipper would seriously be done for in this d*mn place today.

Anyway, she’d made her stance clear, and the Martial Arts Union would definitely learn about the events today. After Lord Asura came out, she would throw a few insults at him then beat it.

Ye Wanwan came for nothing else but to express her “loyalty” to the Martial Arts Union and make her stance clear to the Martial Arts Union.

According to Ye Wanwan’s plan, she’d only make a small commotion, which should be too dangerous already, but with the Star Destroyer team’s “assistance,” they would probably…

In a corner of the manor, Ye Wanwan frowned as she planned an escape route in her head.

Suddenly, a man in black walked toward her, and she didn’t pay attention, so they ran into each other.

“Are you blind?!” the man in black loudly cursed.

Ye Wanwan’s expression chilled and she was about to say something.

In the next second though, glasses man attacked in a flash and struck the man’s chest.

A loud “bang” was heard, and the man in black flew back several meters like a snipped kite.

The man in black was knocked into the crowd with a hit.

“President Bai, aren’t you too insolent?!”

“Could it be that you find us displeasing and want to compare notes with us, President Bai?!”

Several powerful figures knocked into by the man in black all stood up and angrily glared at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan clutched her forehead helplessly. How’s this related to me? It wasn’t me who hit them! It was that glasses man from the Star Destroyer mercenary team… Seek him out instead…

Unfortunately, these three people came with her, so she couldn’t cast away her relationship with them even if she wanted to…

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