Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1406 - Too arrogant

Chapter 1406: Too arrogant

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Ye Wanwan looked at the curly-haired man, bewildered. “If each person is $1000, isn’t 14 people $14,000… And it’s buy 10 get 1 free, so it should be $13,000, right…”

The curly-haired man became embarrassed. “Eh… I didn’t calculate it wrong on purpose… Alright, it’s $13,000 then. Should we start killing, Sis Feng?”

The powerful figures of various factions all looked at Ye Wanwan and her group.

“Hmph, President Fearless acts just like the rumors! Isn’t she too arrogant?!” An elderly man grunted.

“Heh. President Fearless is called Bro Flattop. If she wasn’t arrogant and brassy, why would she be called Bro Flattop…” A powerful figure snorted.

“Today, I’d like to see whether the supposed Bro Flattop will leave this manor alive! Regardless of what the Yan family does, Lord Asura definitely won’t allow her to live.”

“The previous patriarch of the Yan family was friends with Lord Asura, and they say Yan Yun will be married to Lord Asura. President Fearless will die without a doubt today for humiliating the Yan family like this.”

The Yan family watched how Ye Wanwan was trying to buy their lives in front of them. What was more detestable was that each of their lives was only worth $1000, and it was f*cking buy 10 get 1 free?!

“Kill her!” a higher-up from the Yan family shouted harshly.

“Come, come, come! If you don’t kill me, I’m your father, and Seven Star is your grandfather!” Big Dipper chortled and turned to Seven Star. “Right, Old Seven?”

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper and answered on this rare occasion. “Yes.”

Ye Wanwan: “…” Big Dipper…

Before the Yan family could attack, Yan Yun coldly interjected, “No need to get angry for now, everyone.”

The Yan family was taken back and looked confused. They didn’t understand why Yan Yun didn’t allow them to attack.

“This is my future husband, Lord Asura’s, home turf. Since President Fearless accepted the invitation, she’s also a guest of Lord Asura… Since President Fearless was so arrogant and brassy and harmed members of the Yan family on Lord Asura’s home turf, she should be rightfully punished by Lord Asura. We should respect Lord Asura. Otherwise, wouldn’t this conference be a joke?” Yan Yun explained aloofly.

The members of the Yan family frowned pensively upon hearing that.

After carefully thinking about it, they realized Yan Yun was right.

It was Lord Asura who called this conference. No matter what President Fearless did, she was also a guest invited by Lord Asura. If conflict broke out between them and the Fearless Alliance here, it would look like they weren’t giving face to Lord Asura and would negatively impact Yan Yun.

After all, Yan Yun was publicly recognized as Lord Asura’s wife.

“Alright, we’ll listen to Yun’er and won’t fight with this d*mn b*tch for the time being.” A higher-up from the Yan family nodded.

The various powerful figures present all inwardly gave Yan Yun a thumbs up.

The beloved daughter of the Yan family was truly considerate and sensible, prioritizing the big picture.

“Heh, President Fearless is doomed today… Ignoring her prior animosities with Lord Asura, he’d kill her without a doubt if only to seek retribution for his beloved woman,” an elderly man said with a light chuckle.

The people near him all voiced their agreement.

Ye Wanwan was inwardly cursing the Star Destroyer mercenary team’s ancestors. They were professionals at getting their employers into trouble…

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