Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1410 - Probably will have major activity

Chapter 1410: Probably will have major activity

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Ye Wanwan’s mind was an utter mess.

According to Taoist Devotee and Nameless Nie, they looked for news of Si Yehan after returning to the Independent State.

Si Yehan should be a member of the Si clan.

However… the man on the throne was clearly identical to Si Yehan aside from his head of ashen hair.

Although Ye Wanwan wanted to go up immediately and ask him, she wasn’t dumb. She couldn’t expose herself in this kind of setting.

There was also a point that Ye Wanwan didn’t understand. The man on the throne clearly met her eyes, so if he was Si Yehan… why didn’t he recognize her or react at all…?

“I didn’t expect the mysterious Lord Asura to break his mysteriousness today and expose himself in front of the world… It appears Asura will walk into the spotlight from behind the scenes. They probably have something major planned,” the curly-haired man said.

The man on the throne was imperceptibly surveying everyone and quickly looking away, as though he was unwilling to let Ye Wanwan discover his identity.

“Senior Fu.”

Si Yehan called the steward next to him.

“My Lord, what instructions do you have?” The elderly steward, Senior Fu, went up swiftly.

“Tell Lin Que to refrain from appearing,” Si Yehan ordered.

Senior Fu looked slightly confused as to why Lord Asura laid down this order but nodded and left.

Lin Que was currently heading toward Si Yehan’s direction with large strides.

Before he could get any closer, he was pulled aside by Senior Fu.

“Senior Fu, what are you doing?” Lin Que asked, bewildered.

“Lord Asura’s orders. He doesn’t want you to appear,” the elderly steward calmly conveyed.

“What?” Lin Que was baffled. Doesn’t want me to appear? Why?

Senior Fu said, “These are my Lord’s wishes.”

“What’s he up to…”

Why isn’t he allowing me to appear?

The confused Lin Que accidentally caught something in the corners of his eyes.

He saw Ye Wanwan’s profile in the crowd and immediately froze.

“D*mn…” Lin Que looked like he saw a ghost and incredulously rubbed his eyes.

If he wasn’t blind, wasn’t that woman… Ye Wanwan?!

Lin Que felt his head swelling up like a balloon. Isn’t Ye Wanwan in China…? How did she come to the Independent State… and also appear in the conference summoned by Ninth Brother?!

Lin Que finally understood why Ninth Brother told the steward to stop him from appearing…

Ninth Brother probably didn’t plan to admit his identity to Ye Wanwan… If he showed up, wouldn’t he expose Ninth Brother completely…

Lin Que wiped his sweat and quickly dodged to the side, not daring to walk any closer. Afraid that Ye Wanwan would see him, he was forced to hide in the corner and secretly assess the venue.

In the manor:

Si Yehan was silent for a while before detachedly saying, “I believe everyone is aware of this conference’s objective.”

Yan Yun promptly took the initiative to walk toward Si Yehan and frantically nodded. “We know… Our Yan family will cooperate with everything we have and offer our tributes on time every month as agreed upon.”

Si Yehan aloofly glanced at Yan Yun and didn’t say anything.

Yan Yun looked a little disappointed but continued to stare at the man in infatuation.

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