Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1403 - Lord Asura’s wife

Chapter 1403: Lord Asura’s wife

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“Yan Yun, you don’t have the right to speak here.” Seven Star walked to Ye Wanwan’s side and coldly looked at Yan Yun.

Yan Yun glanced at Seven Star and snorted. “Seven Star, you’re just President Fearless’ dog. I don’t even care about President Fearless, so who do you think you are?”

The audience fervently discussed amongst themselves.

Lord Asura had a decent relationship with the previous head of the Yan family. After the current head came into his position, he wanted to marry his precious daughter, Yan Yun, to Lord Asura, but before he could say anything, Lord Asura disappeared.

In the past years, Yan Yun considered herself Lord Asura’s wife and often mobilized a small portion of Asura’s power to bulldoze the Yan family’s obstacles while Lord Asura was missing. Otherwise, the Yan family wouldn’t have developed so rapidly.

Because of this, Yan Yun asserted her position as Lord Asura’s wife to outsiders.

“Heh, first President Fearless offends Lord Asura and now she offends Yan Yun; I’m afraid she really won’t leave this conference alive today.”

“I heard several higher-ups of the Yan family also came today, including the patriarch of the Yan family. Patriarch Yan seems to want to declare the marriage of his precious daughter, Yan Yun, to Lord Asura…”

Ye Wanwan ignored Yan Yun. Before Ye Wanwan could do anything, an elderly man arrived next to Yan Yun. He first glanced at Ye Wanwan before saying to Yan Yun: “Yun’er, how could you speak so rudely to President Bai? You have to know that from today onward, perhaps President Bai will kneel before you and present you with a tribute. You have to be more courteous to those people who are destined to end up underneath our feet.”

Big Dipper and Seven Star’s expressions both shifted. This elderly man was Patriarch Yan.

All the reporters turned around and circled Patriarch Yan and his beloved daughter, Yan Yun, upon their arrival.

“Elder Yan, I heard a member of the Yan family offended President Fearless at some club and was killed by President Fearless. Will the Yan family seek revenge?”

Yan Yun snorted. “You’ll see in a moment.”

Big Dipper stood in front of Ye Wanwan and spat at Patriarch Yan and Yan Yun. “What rubbish. We’ll eventually destroy you.”

Ye Wanwan looked away from the Yan family and aloofly said, “Don’t forget our objective today. Ignore the others.”

Big Dipper and Seven Star nodded. The objective of this trip was to show their attitude to the Martial Arts Union.

Ye Wanwan looked at the bosses who kept arriving at the manor and sighed involuntarily. Wasn’t Lord Asura’s influence too terrifying…

Thankfully, Nameless Nie assigned the Star Destroyer team to her. There were only three people, but it shouldn’t be a problem for them to protect her and flee if they ran into a dangerous situation. Ye Wanwan’s courage puffed up again at that thought.

When some leaders saw Ye Wanwan and discovered she was the president of the Fearless Alliance, they were surprised. Who could’ve expected President Fearless to attend Lord Asura’s conference…

A moment later, the three-member Star Destroyer team exited their car and walked to Ye Wanwan’s side. The “child” Fusheng silently stood in front of Ye Wanwan with a grave expression.

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