Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1402 - Wasn’t she seeking death?

Chapter 1402: Wasn’t she seeking death?

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Ye Wanwan remained calm and elegant upon seeing that.

“President Bai… Back then, you left the Fearless Alliance and broke off all contact. We’d like to know where President Bai went and why you abandoned the Fearless Alliance you created with your own hands.”

A reporter asked Ye Wanwan with a microphone in their hand.

Ye Wanwan was unmoved and glanced at the reporter before aloofly saying, “No comment.”

She didn’t expect the Independent State to also have gossip agencies, but after her experience with all the chaotic and dark shredding in China’s entertainment industry and media industry, this type of situation was child’s play to Ye Wanwan.

“President Bai… Then why did you return to the Independent State and the Fearless Alliance? Your disappearance and return have become an unsolvable mystery. Could you explain it to us?”

“No comment,” Ye Wanwan answered indifferently.

Ye Wanwan naturally understood the saying “he that talks much errs much.” A succinct “No comment” was the best answer.

“Then… President Bai Bai, everyone knows that your Fearless Alliance was the most ferocious and attacked the most intensely when all the powers in the Independent State besieged Asura back then. This time, did you come here to apologize to Lord Asura and offer a large amount in tributes?” The reporter was tenacious and immediately switched the topic.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted. She couldn’t reply to other things, but she definitely could talk about this.

Everything she said would be discovered by the Martial Arts Union, so wasn’t this the best time for her to show her attitude?

“Heh…” Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up with a bone-chilling smirk as she looked at the reporter. “I came merely to see how much of a failure Lord Asura’s conference will be. That’s all…

“My Fearless Alliance will never pay tributes to any faction or person. However, if Asura and Lord Asura are willing to pay tributes to me, perhaps I’ll consider it.”

A commotion tore through the crowd at Ye Wanwan’s words as they stared at Ye Wanwan in disbelief.

Wasn’t the president of the Fearless Alliance too gutsy? How could she dare to say this kind of thing? Even if those were her true thoughts, she should keep it to herself. This was Lord Asura’s territory, after all. Wasn’t the president seeking death by coming to Lord Asura’s territory and saying these kinds of things…

“Heh, Bai Feng, long time no see, but your guts have gotten bigger.” Melodic laughter was heard nearby.

A moment later, a pretty woman with a noble bearing slowly walked toward them.

Several formidable experts followed behind the woman.

Everyone was taken back when they saw this woman. The newcomer was from the Yan family.

“Who’s this woman who dares to speak to the president of the Fearless Alliance like this?” A spectator looked curious.

“She’s from the Yan family, the pearl of the Yan patriarch…”

“No wonder, so she’s Yan Yun…” The spectator nodded pensively.

The Yan family from back then naturally couldn’t compare to the Fearless Alliance at its peak, but things were different now. Following the disappearance of the president of the Fearless Alliance, the Fearless Alliance fractured into several camps and was embroiled in endless inner turmoil while the Yan family rapidly developed. The Yan family wasn’t currently weaker than the Fearless Alliance anymore.

As for this beloved daughter of the Yan patriarch, she was used to being haughty and domineering in the Independent State and had an extremely egotistical personality. Her martial arts skills were also extraordinarily high and she was labeled a genius, one who only appeared in the Yan family every other century. Moreover, she was the Yan family’s heiress.

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