Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1401 - Explosive news

Chapter 1401: Explosive news

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Ye Wanwan wasn’t in the mood to continue talking nonsense with Big Dipper. Thankfully, Yi Shuihan was extravagantly rich and didn’t care.

About three hours later, Seven Star drove the car to an enormous manor.

Asura’s conference today was held inside this manor.

The manor’s front door was packed with people already, and countless luxurious cars were arriving and parking near the manor. Bosses all of the major factions and districts exited their cars and entered the manor.

Aside from the leaders of the various major factions, there were many passers-by who rushed from all over the state to witness this feast that signified Asura’s revival.

In addition, there were some special media agencies in the Independent State who were standing by and waiting for explosive news.

“Sis Feng, we’re here,” Seven Star said to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan nodded slightly but wasn’t in a hurry to leave the car. She sat in the back and assessed the situation outside the manor.

Soon, as people noticed the car driven by Seven Star, their expressions became surprised.

“Seven Star from the Fearless Alliance… He’s driving… the newcomer can’t be… the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bro Flattop, right?!”

“Bro Flattop, Bai Feng? Are you joking? Hasn’t Bai Feng disappeared for many years already? I wager it must be some senior manager from the Fearless Alliance.”

“Heh, idiot. The president of the Fearless Alliance has returned for a while already. You don’t even know that?”

“That’s right, emissaries from Asura went to the Fearless Alliance three days ago to demand tributes but were kicked out by the president of the Fearless Alliance…”

A few special media agencies were pointing their cameras toward Seven Star’s car already.

The return of the Fearless Alliance’s president was indeed explosive news.

However, the return of the Fearless Alliance’s president to the Independent State was fairly low-key. This conference between major factions of the Independent State was her first public appearance.

The media agencies in the Independent State were similar to China’s, but there were some differences.

The Independent State’s media agencies only focused on news about the major factions, which were also the concern of the Independent State residents.

If this was China, media agencies would’ve probably spent some time on entertainment news, but in the Independent State, the major factions and groups comprised the entire entertainment industry, so in a sense, it was the same.

“Back when Asura was besieged by all the factions… the Fearless Alliance was the most ferocious and enthusiastic… Now that Lord Asura of Asura has returned, he won’t easily spare the Fearless Alliance. Lord Asura summoned so many factions for a conference this time, yet the president of the Fearless Alliance dared to attend… Isn’t she too gutsy?”

“Hahaha… Although the Fearless Alliance is frightening, the current Fearless Alliance is greatly inferior to the Fearless Alliance at its peak before. Moreover, even when the Fearless Alliance clashed with Asura at its peak, it was to no avail… The president of the Fearless Alliance is the same as back then; she’s fearless of everything in the world. However, this time, she’ll likely pay the price.”

“Heh, I reckon Lord Asura won’t spare the president of the Fearless Alliance this time. Perhaps the president will die at this conference today.”

As the crowd bustled with discussion, Big Dipper got out of the car and opened the left door.

Ye Wanwan slowly exited the car wearing a black muslin outfit.

Many spectators’ eyes landed on Ye Wanwan. A handful of reporters from the special media agencies also swiftly encircled her.

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