Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1404 - Still have the face to demand money

Chapter 1404: Still have the face to demand money

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Meanwhile, the curly-haired man wore a mesmerizing smile and acted gentlemanly. If he didn’t mention it, no one would’ve expected this stately man to be a member of the Star Destroyer mercenary team.

Mercenaries like them were all mysterious and rarely entered the public eye in order to avoid enemies seeking revenge. Even if they came out, no one knew their identity.

“Sis Feng… Should we eliminate Lord Asura this time… If you require an assassination, the compensation… Sis Feng, you understand my meaning right…” the curly-haired man said to Ye Wanwan with a faint smile.

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes. She was already taking a huge risk by coming here. She would be done for if she assassinated Lord Asura too.

“How could you possibly assassinate Lord Asura?” Big Dipper walked up, disdain apparent on his face.

“We have him.” The curly-haired man pointed at Fusheng.

Fusheng was ranked 15 in Europe’s assassin chart. Aside from his strength, Fusheng also had his deceptive appearance and figure.

“No need,” Ye Wanwan said, “Act according to my orders. Everything else is unnecessary.”

The curly-haired man didn’t say anything else since Ye Wanwan said that. Moreover, how could Lord Asura be easy to assassinate? If something went wrong, their lives would end there. Plus, Ye Wanwan only gave them an “I owe you.”

“President Bai, since you’re here, please enter.”

The Asura emissary who was kicked out of the Fearless Alliance by Ye Wanwan walked toward Ye Wanwan in a black suit.

Ye Wanwan snorted but stayed silent and strolled into the manor.

Inside the manor, there was all the champagne, wine, food, and snacks that anyone could possibly imagine.

All sorts of boss-level characters walked around the manor.

Ye Wanwan examined the manor’s surroundings but didn’t discover Trance.

In the end, Ye Wanwan realized that Trance had received Asura’s invitation but didn’t come, using his actions to resist Asura.

Without Trance as an ally, Ye Wanwan’s situation was more awkward.

Every faction who came today seemed to have an amicable relationship with Asura or agreed to pay a tribute. Ye Wanwan was the only odd one out.

Soon, a group of men and women and brazenly sized up Ye Wanwan.

A girl snorted and said, “President Fearless… since you dared to attend Lord Asura’s conference today, you probably don’t plan to leave alive, right… Since it’s like that, how about we kill you and curry some favor from Lord Asura? What do you think?”

“Huh…” Big Dipper was baffled. He looked at the girl and broke out in loud laughter. “Kill… kill us? Are you sleepwalking?”

“What? Do you think you’ll leave here alive?”

The young men and women laughed loudly.

Based on Ye Wanwan’s assessment, these young men and women were all members of the Yan family. The Yan family probably wanted to strike a blow at her ahead of time by relying on their relationship with Lord Asura.

“Hold on.”

The mercenary in a Chinese tunic suit with gold-framed glasses next to Ye Wanwan walked toward the Yan group.

“Scram to the side. It’s none of your business,” the leading woman sneered.

Bloodthirsty emotions surfaced in the man’s eyes instantly.


In a flash, the glasses man attacked, a finger shooting forward.

A second later, a “Pop” was heard and glasses man’s finger pierced the woman’s left eye.

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, the woman wailed in pain and blood rushed out of her eye.


The members of the Yan family hastily carried the girl away.

Glasses man was expressionless as he took a black handkerchief from his pocket and lightly wiped the blood off his finger.

“Sis Feng, look, you’ll need to increase our compensation. Our attacks come at a cost…” The curly-haired man earnestly said as he walked up and took out his handy calculator, his slender fingers flying over the buttons on the calculator.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Ye Wanwan was utterly dumbfounded. I didn’t tell them to attack! Are they tricking me?!

How do they still have the face to demand money from me?!

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