Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 14: Rotten Melons

Chapter 14: Rotten Melons

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Si Ye Han's pupils constricted the moment the girl's soft lips touched his.

His eyes became darker than usual as if to suck her soul in.

This voluntary kiss that had never happened before... was so beautifully sweet that his heart started to palpitate...

"That's all?" The man's voice was a little hoarse with an edge of danger, obviously unsatisfied.

Ye Wan Wan coughed lightly, "This was just a preview, I can't give you any more since I haven't grown into a sweet melon!"

"Oh..." The man gave a chuckle.

Ye Wan Wan retreated a safe distance away from the man's searing stare. Pushing on, she continued, "Actually... All I want is to be a normal girl and learn to fall in love...

I promise I'll never run away again. You also shouldn't make me do what I don't want to do and be angry and scary all the time alright?

That Gu Yue Ze--before, my brain was clamped by an obsession with that man, but I understand now.

I feel that with 9th master's status, as long as we regain a normal relationship, I can definitely grow to become a sweet melon with time!"

Ye Wan Wan spoke till her tongue was parched. "Actually... Sweet melons are quite delicious, I think you should give them a try. How would you know whether you like them or not if you haven't tried them, right?" She waited anxiously for his reply.

Si Ye Han smiled vaguely at the "little melon seedling" trying so hard to promote herself. He asked faintly, "What if it becomes rotten?"

The corners of Ye Wan Wan's lips lifted upwards. She wiped off her sweat and said, "It won't happen, it won't happen! I'll work hard and grow! I'll definitely become a beautiful sweet melon!"

A moments passed in silence, and just as Ye Wan Wan was about to give up, the man finally relented, "Fine."

Ye Wan Wan was stunned for a while before responding to Si Ye Han's agreement. Her face was filled with joy, "You agree? So I'm allowed to go back to school? Can I stay in the school's dormitory like the other students? Can I do whatever I want to do...?

Then... Then I am off to pack my things! I'll move into the school's dormitory tomorrow! But I'll come back and visit the vegetable garden whenever I'm free!"

After finishing her sentence, she skipped away happily and quickly, in case Si Ye Han changed his mind.

Looking at how eagerly the girl left, Si Ye Han's expression turned gloomy, as if he regretted his decision immediately.

But when his fingers touched the remnants of her soft kiss on his lips, the gloominess in his eyes dissipated.

Wan Wan, this is the last time I am trusting you.

And it is also your final chance.

If you betray me...

Back in the room:

Ye Wan Wan hurriedly packed all her textbooks and luggage.

That actually worked, this feels like a dream!

Then, her cell phone started ringing. It was an incoming call from Shen Meng Qi.

Ye Wan Wan lips turned into a scowl and answered the call, "Hello?"

Once the call was connected, Shen Meng Qi's exasperated voice came through the receiver, "Wan Wan, I kept calling you, why didn't you answer? Are you alright? Why didn't you leave with young master Gu? Did you know how much effort I had to put in to convince young master Gu?!"

"I can't explain it properly over the phone, we'll talk about it in school tomorrow!"

"Wha... What? Mr Si didn't ground you? He's even allowing you to go to school?" Shen Meng Qi's tone changed.

After seeing that Ye Wan Wan wanted to elope with Gu Yue Ze, how could Si Ye Han let it go so easily?

Or... has Si Ye Han started to dislike her... So he doesn't want her to live in the Jin garden anymore?

Ye Wan Wan refused to go into the details and simply replied, "Yup, I'll be moving back to the dormitory tomorrow."

Shen Meng Qi asked anxiously, "Was it because Mr. Si saw you and Gu Yue Ze together and misunderstood, so he's chasing you out?"

Ye Wan Wan smirked and took her time to reply, "How'd you know Si Ye Han saw me and Gu Yue Ze together? He wasn't home those few days, don't you know that?"

"I... I was guessing... Anyway, tell me more when you come back to school!"

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