Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 13: Eating Sweet Melons

Chapter 13: Eating Sweet Melons

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This was the first time Ye Wan Wan entered Si Ye Han's bedroom.

She took a step in and immediately felt a kind of overwhelming oppression.

The room had a depressing colour scheme and in her field of view was a superior audio system playing soothing music in the background. The curtains were drawn completely and the whole room felt shut in.

There was a great abundance of alcohol in the room--a row of various hard liquors was neatly lined in a huge alcohol cabinet.

Other than Si Ye Han, there was someone else in the room.

Si Ye Han's hypnotist.

From the looks of it, Si Yi Han was preparing for bed.

Well, so much fuss just to go to bed...

Seeing that he slept quite soundly last night, it was probably due to the lack of sleep for the past 3 nights?

As Ye Wan Wan entered, the hypnotist left.

Under the warm glow of light above her head, Si Ye Han walked over to the bar, sat down and poured himself a glass of red wine, "Go on."

Ye Wan Wan had already prepared a script earlier so she didn't hesitate and went straight to the point, "I wish to talk about our relationship."

"Our relationship?" The man raised his brows, expressing interest in the topic.

Ye Wan Wan nodded and said in a serious tone, "Yes. Si Ye Han, what do you think about our current relationship?"

Si Ye Han: "You belong to me."

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

Ye Wan Wan indicated that she couldn't continue this conversation that had just started.

It was like the question she asked him before about why that person must be her and to that he replied: "Because it has to be you".

She couldn't comprehend any of his answers.

Ye Wan Wan forced herself to ignore the man's reply and continued, "Si Ye Han, all this time, I didn't understand why you fancied me. With your status, you're able to get any girl you want. Even if you like someone that is fat or weird, there are countless girls who would be willing to cater to your taste.

No matter what the original reason was, since we can't change that at this point, why don't we try changing our relationship?

You've always been so angry that I kept running away, but that was only because nobody could tolerate being monitored, controlled and having their freedom taken away. The more you try to control and force me, the more I try to escape. As the saying goes, a melon forced off its vine is not sweet. I am sure you know this principle!"

The man listened silently until she finished speaking. He was resting his head on his hand lazily and had another hand swirling the wine glass. He replied, "Whoever said that I liked sweet melons?"

Ye Wan Wan: "..."

There is no way to have a reasonable conversation with this guy!

She understood what Si Ye Han meant. As long as she was his "property", nothing else mattered, including the wishes of this "property".

Since the conversation had reached this point, there was no way of continuing.

Time went by slowly...

Unsure how long they were silent for, Ye Wan Wan suddenly stood up and walked towards him.

Si Ye Han didn't say a word and his face remained indifferent as he watched her approaching.

Finally, Ye Wan Wan stood in front of the man. She leaned towards him all of a sudden and her soft lips landed on the man's slightly chilled lips——

"You... Sure?"

The girl's tactfully soft voice stuck to his lips. She asked with an innocence that was alluring, "Are you sure... You don't like sweet melons?"

Translator's Thoughts

eunimon_ eunimon_

"A melon forced off its vine is not sweet" means that forced love doesn't last.

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