Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 15: Insomnia

Chapter 15: Insomnia

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"Sure," Ye Wan Wan sneered and hung up.

She wanted to get even with Shen Meng Qi in this life, but she might hurt someone in the process--her useless brother was still under her spell. If she acted on Shen Meng Qi now, it would only worsen her relationship with her brother.

Thus, she could only wait for the right opportunity.

Inside the master's bedroom at the top level:

After Ye Wan Wan left, the hypnotist came back into the room and prepared for treatment again.

"9th master, can we start now?"

Si Ye Han seemed to be preoccupied with thoughts and appeared to not hear what the hypnotist said. He just casually raised his arm.

So, the hypnotist played music, lighted special incense and started the psychological session...

Half an hour later...

An hour later...

Two hours later...

Hypnosis failed.

He, Mo Xuan, had cured numerous complicated cases and was also hired by the world's No. 1 mercenary group "Gods of Dusk" as a top counsellor and psychologist. But now, he began to question his abilities for the millionth time.

Each time he treated Si Ye Han, he felt like a quack...

Ever since Si Ye Han got together with that woman Ye Wan Wan, every time she ran away or went against him, it made his insomnia more severe.

But didn't Xu Yi say that that woman had thought it through and became meeker recently?

Just now when he saw her, he was shocked. Not only had her appearance changed, her disposition was different as well--not as sombre as before.

Since that woman hadn't aggravated Si Ye Han, why did the hypnosis fail this time?

At this moment, Si Ye Han was lying in bed with dark eye circles slowly building. The green veins on his forehead were bulging and his expression was grim, obviously trying to endure the suffering.

It was like a scary beast lived inside him. The loss of control, the manic and destructive behaviour were eroding his spirit now.

Si Ye Han's condition worsened and Mo Xuan's glum face became more serious. He asked anxiously, "9th master, did you have any problems today? What did Miss Ye say to you just now?"

Si Ye Han's eyes that were tightly shut quickly opened up, his pupils cold.

Strong coercion caused Mo Xuan to stop asking.

If Si Ye Han was willing to share his emotions with people, his illness wouldn't have been so serious.

His psychological barrier was too strong--he didn't allow anyone to enter his territory.

There was nothing a psychologist could do, no matter how skilled, if the patient didn't cooperate.

Thinking about Ye Wan Wan, Mo Xuan's emotions became a bit complicated.

There was nothing wrong with Si Ye Han's body and his sleeping disorder could be traced to a psychological issue, but this woman may be related to the knot in Si Ye Han's heart.

Otherwise, it was too difficult to explain why a person who discriminated against women the way Si Ye Han did was so determined to be with this ordinary girl. Furthermore, based on what he'd observed, Ye Wan Wan could easily manipulate Si Ye Han's moods.

However, he could no longer get an answer from Si Ye Han and couldn't get any useful information from Ye Wan Wan either.

The Ye family was in the entertainment business. Ye Wan Wan's 2nd uncle was currently the head of the Ye family and owned most of the businesses in the entertainment group. But compared to the long history and deep background of the old and well-known Si family, the Ye family was just an average family.

Be it Ye Wan Wan or her family, it wasn't possible to have any relation with Si Ye Han, the family heir of the Si family--the family that ruled all the countries' old and well-known families. Therefore, Si Ye Han's special treatment towards Ye Wan Wan was simply puzzling.

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