Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1376 - Didn’t say I won’t attack Asura

Chapter 1376: Didn’t say I won’t attack Asura

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It was extremely possible they would need to exchange their lives for freedom from the Martial Arts Union this time…

The Fearless Alliance might have a great reputation in the Fearless Alliance, but Asura was more terrifying!

Legend said that the previous president of the Martial Arts Union wanted to destroy Asura in one swoop. Yet now, the previous president had passed away already and the current president had taken office, but Asura was still standing. From this, Asura’s fearsomeness could be seen.

“Heh, everyone’s worrying too much.” Ye Wanwan looked at the people in the room, her lips turning up. “From this moment onward, everyone here is free.”

Everyone was startled.

No one refuted Ye Wanwan’s words because everyone knew full well the type of person the Fearless Alliance’s Bro Flattop was. She wasn’t afraid of heaven or earth, and there wasn’t anyone she didn’t dare to provoke in the Independent State. However, why would Bro Flattop offend the Martial Arts Union on their behalf?

“Old Jiang, tell these brothers our plan.” Ye Wanwan chuckled.

Old Jiang nodded.

Liuying pulled Ye Wanwan to the side and quietly asked, “Miss Wanwan… aren’t you afraid there might be spies planted by the Martial Arts Union in this group of people?”

Ye Wanwan shook her head and softly replied with a smile, “First of all, the Martial Arts Union believes they’ve got us by our tails, so there’s no need to plant spies here.”

“Second, Asura didn’t violate any rules of the Independent State. If other people learned that the dispatched team contained members of the Martial Arts Union, it would be a heavy blow to the Martial Arts Union…”

“Third, even if we took a step back and there were spies here, so what? These people belong to me now, and I didn’t say I wouldn’t attack Asura. It’s just a matter of time. What could the Martial Arts Union do?”

“Eh…” Liuying pondered over it for a moment and couldn’t refute her, so he ended up nodding and saying, “Brilliant…”

Who cared whether they planted spies here? What could they do if these people were hijacked in front of the president of the Martial Arts Union?

They would fight Asura, but at least they needed a detailed plan. Since this plan wasn’t developed yet, the Martial Arts Union couldn’t say anything.

“Bro Old Jiang… then are we joining the Fearless Alliance?!” Confusion surfaced in the eyes of the elderly man in black.

“The Fearless Alliance?” Little Lolita snorted and haughtily said, “How unpleasant to hear… You aren’t joining the Fearless Alliance.”

“Then…” The elderly man in black frowned.

“The Rose of Death!” Long-haired Man replied mirthfully.

“What… The Rose of Death?!”

Everyone was taken back and incredulous.

“Could it be that the Rose of Death really exists in this world…? But didn’t someone say it was all fictional?”

“Nonsense! We’re members of the Rose of Death ourselves! Are you calling us fictional?!” Bearded Man puffed up with rage and glanced at the elderly man with displeasure.

“N-n-no, I’m not saying that…” The elderly man in black vehemently shook his head and ended up sighing. “It turns out the Rose of Death is real… I didn’t expect the renowned Bai Feng, President Bai, would actually be the leader of the Rose of Death, Black Widow…”

“Enough nonsense. Let me test your strength first!” Little Lolita coldly shouted and struck the elderly man with her palm all of a sudden.

However, the elderly man didn’t dodge at all and forcefully took her hit.

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