Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1375 - Fight to the death with Asura

Chapter 1375: Fight to the death with Asura

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Ye Wanwan turned pensive herself when she heard that.

Since the beginning of history, the Martial Arts Union was the strongest power in the Independent State and was considered the official power that maintained the balance in the Independent State. In times of necessity, even the four great clans would help the Martial Arts Union with everything they had.

Ye Wanwan wagered that the reason the Martial Arts Union wanted to suppress Asura was that Asura refused to be controlled and supervised and often challenged the authority of the Martial Arts Union. However, Asura didn’t violate any of the Independent State’s rules.

Hence, the Martial Arts Union would hold back its troops without moving on the surface but gathered factions like them to fight with Asura to the death in private.

“Oh right…”

Big Dipper continued before Ye Wanwan could say anything. “The Martial Arts Union also sent a few dozen people here to help you, Sis Feng.”

“A few dozen?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “How generous of the Martial Arts Union to send me a few dozen people… They consider that manpower?”

“They’re decently strong. I arranged for them to stay in the hotel next to the Fearless Alliance,” Big Dipper said.

Ye Wanwan pondered over it for a moment. Her eyes shifted and a smile turned up on her lips.

Ye Wanwan summoned Liuying, Old Jiang, and the others and headed to the hotel Big Dipper mentioned.

When Ye Wanwan opened the room door, she was seriously dumbfounded. Inside the giant suite, there were 20-30 people who were eating instant ramen and drinking bottled water.


A middle-aged man’s cold gaze landed on Ye Wanwan.

“How insolent! It’s the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng!” Liuying reprimanded.

“Bro Flattop?!”

The people inside the room were all shocked and turned to Ye Wanwan.

“Everyone, were you sent by the Martial Arts Union?” Ye Wanwan casually sat down on the sofa and looked at them.

“Sis Feng… Yes, the Martial Arts Union sent us to help you challenge Asura.” An elderly man in black looked at Ye Wanwan with a reverent expression.

“Are you members of the Martial Arts Union?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“No…” The elderly man in black shook his head.

This was within Ye Wanwan’s expectations. The Martial Arts Union wanted to get somebody else to do their dirty work for them, so why would they allow their own members to show their faces?

After conversing with them, Ye Wanwan’s smile deepened.

Most of these people violated the Independent State’s rules and were criminals on death row imprisoned by the Martial Arts Union. A few of them were outsiders who thought they were strong and wanted to go on an adventure in the legendary prosperous land for martial arts, the Independent State. In the end, they didn’t have permits, so they were caught by the Martial Arts Union and were imprisoned for several years.

This time, the Martial Arts Union released them and promised them a pardon, but they had to help the president of the Fearless Alliance launch an attack on Asura.

“President Bai… tell us whenever you want to attack! We’ll do anything as long as we can get our freedom!” said a young man around 20 or so years old.

Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly and gave Old Jiang a look.

Old Jiang understood and looked over the group. He creepily chuckled and said, “Everyone, I respect strong people the most… So I want to ask everyone here if you want to have good days. Do you want to become famous in the Independent State… Do you want to lord over everyone else?”

Everyone was startled by Old Jiang’s words.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her nose. Why do his lines sound like the MLM organization…?

“Who wouldn’t want to…? But that’s too unrealistic. We merely want to finish our mission as fast as possible; we don’t have any unreasonable demands.” A middle-aged man sighed.

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