Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1374 - Do I look like someone that immoral?

Chapter 1374: Do I look like someone that immoral?

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Using the Fearless Alliance’s money to build her own power was a feeling that was difficult to describe.

Old Jiang chuckled eerily. “Master, I’m good at that. Nothing is a problem as long as we have money… However, whose name should we use to recruit people? The Fearless Alliance’s?”

Ye Wanwan involuntarily got lost in thought. No way could she use the Fearless Alliance’s name to recruit people. If she used the Fearless Alliance’s name, what would that have to do with her? What she needed was a power that solely belonged to her and was completely unrelated to the Fearless Alliance!

A moment later, Ye Wanwan’s eyes glinted as she said, “Use the Rose of Death’s name…”

After Ye Wanwan finished discussing the details with Old Jiang, Liuying, and the others, she led them to the finance department to withdraw all the money the Martial Arts Union sent to them that day.

Ye Wanwan returned to her office afterward.

Inside the office, Big Dipper was dressed in a worker’s clothes with an orange cap on his head as he sat in Ye Wanwan’s office chair. He had one leg propped above his other knee as he chewed on an apple that Ye Wanwan bought for her office while humming a tune that Ye Wanwan couldn’t figure out.

“Is my chair comfortable?” Ye Wanwan asked Big Dipper after entering the office.

Big Dipper stood up from the chair as soon as he saw Ye Wanwan, an embarrassed smile covering his face.

“The door’s installed?” Ye Wanwan asked him.

Big Dipper nodded frantically. “It’s installed… Sis Feng… what the heck is going on? When I went to install the door this morning… Piece of Sh*t actually appeared.”

Ye Wanwan was at a loss for words. That was Yi Shuihan’s house—of course he’d be there.

“F*ck me, when I got there, Piece of Sh*t was actually sleeping on the sofa. I accidentally woke him up… That f*cker has an awful temper when he wakes up and wanted to kill me! Thank goodness I was wearing worker clothes and carrying a door, so his temper chilled a little when he realized I came to install a door. Otherwise, he’d seriously have beaten me to death!” Big Dipper complained grievously. This job was too dangerous!

“The key?” Ye Wanwan said.

Big Dipper immediately took out a key from his pocket and handed it to Ye Wanwan.

“Sis Feng… why did you want Piece of Sh*t’s house key…” Big Dipper looked puzzled. “It can’t possibly be… do you and Piece of Sh*t have a… thing?!”

After Ye Wanwan put away the key, she rolled her eyes at him. What a wild imagination.

“Sis Feng… I’m not lecturing you, but don’t seduce every good-looking person you see! It might cost you your life!”

“Don’t you know how to talk?” Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes again. Do I look like someone that immoral?

Big Dipper became embarrassed when he saw the displeasure on Ye Wanwan’s face. “Ahem, I was just joking… Oh right, the Martial Arts Union said they gave you the money and permit already, so you should act soon, Sis Feng.”

Ye Wanwan snorted when she heard Big Dipper’s words. The Martial Arts Union wanted to use her as a knife to stab Asura. But how could it be so easy?

Even if Asura just revived from the ashes, they definitely maintained their spirit and military strength. How could they be so easy to handle? A slight careless mistake and she might even lose her life.

“Tell the Martial Arts Union that the Fearless Alliance will decide for itself when it will attack,” Ye Wanwan said.

Big Dipper was pensive. “Sis Feng… it’d be best if we didn’t challenge the Martial Arts Union’s authority… It might be hard for them to eradicate Asura at its peak, but it wouldn’t be difficult for them to destroy us…”

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