Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1377 - Don’t want to do anything, alright!

Chapter 1377: Don’t want to do anything, alright!

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“Why… didn’t you dodge… Are you okay?” Little Lolita asked the elderly man with a deep frown. She placed all her strength behind that hit…

“Why should I dodge…?” The elderly man looked at Little Lolita with a face full of incomprehension.

Little Lolita: “…” This is too humiliating…

Ye Wanwan looked at the elderly man. This old man’s strength was truly inordinary. When Little Lolita’s strike landed, his body was akin to a placid lake surface and it didn’t generate a single ripple, so he had to be an expert.

As for the rest of these people, none of them were weak either since they were imprisoned by the Martial Arts Union.


At that moment, a young man wearing leisure clothes walked toward Ye Wanwan. “Boss… We made a lot of friends imprisoned in the sixth-floor prison… We heard people mention that there were survivors of the Rose of Death imprisoned in the fifth-floor prison…”

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t shift, but she was inwardly shocked.

The sixth-floor prison was the death prison established by the previous president of the Martial Arts Union, and it was composed of six floors in total.

They said that the heavier the crime, the higher the imprisoned floor.

From the third floor onward, all the prisoners were extremely evil and savage people. When you reached the fourth and fifth floor… the prisoners were even more terrifying.

As for who was imprisoned on the sixth floor? The residents of the Independent State had no idea.

However, this young man was saying there were survivors of the Rose of Death imprisoned on the fifth floor.

Could it be that the Rose of Death really existed in this world…

However, didn’t Nameless Nie say the Rose of Death was merely a book mixed with illustrations and was completely fabricated…

What was going on…?

“Boss, you’re Black Widow, and the Martial Arts Union imprisoned our brothers on the fifth floor. We can’t sit aside and do nothing!” the young man added.

“…” I don’t want to do anything!

“Hmph, even if Boss really wants to rescue them, she has to consider the plan at length and can’t act rashly,” the elderly man in black said.

“What are you afraid of? I can make explosives! A word from Boss and I’ll make a batch of explosives that can blast open the fifth floor. So easy…”


Just what kind of people did I just take in? Why does he know how to make explosives…

“We can’t. The Independent State has their rules. If even the usage of firearms is prohibited in the Independent State, creating explosives… do you want to kill Boss? At that time, both the Fearless Alliance and our Rose of Death would be implicated.” The elderly man shook his head.

Ye Wanwan involuntarily sighed in relief. Thankfully, there was someone fairly rational here.

“Then we can kill our way there and rescue them! That place might have tight security, but it’s not impossible if the Fearless Alliance and Rose of Death attack at full strength and rescue our brothers from the fifth floor!” the elderly man continued.

“Enough,” Ye Wanwan coldly ordered. “I know there are people of mine imprisoned in the sixth-floor prison, but you don’t need to interfere in this matter. I have a plan already, so I’ll naturally rescue the members of the Rose of Death at that time.”

Everyone finally stopped the discussion.

“Old Jiang, tell them the details and rules.”

After Ye Wanwan finished making arrangements with those people, she left the place with Liuying.

Old Jiang and Little Lolita stared at each other, bewildered. Their Rose of Death… didn’t seem to have any rules though…?

Ye Wanwan originally wanted to have further discussion with Liuying about the search for Si Yehan, but Big Dipper called in the middle of it and told her that previous allies discovered she was back and especially came to visit her.

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