Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1368 - Is he a monster?

Chapter 1368: Is he a monster?

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Yi Shuihan’s red eyes glittered with a vicious glint, as though he couldn’t tolerate being woken up from his sleep.

“Someone wants to assassinate me…”

Yi Shuihan muttered with a slightly hoarse voice, his eyes glittering.

Ye Wanwan nodded vehemently.

Ye Wanwan knew she didn’t have a solid friendship with Piece of Sh*t, Yi Shuihan, so he didn’t have any reason to help her if she didn’t make up an excuse.

Anyway, Yi Shuihan already had an assassination attempt last time too, so being targeted another time wasn’t too much…

“Why are you here?” Yi Shuihan slowly turned to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan quickly answered, “Knight-errant Yi, did you forget…? We’re neighbors…”

Yi Shuihan was silent for a moment before muttering, “Oh…”

The men in black charged inside before Ye Wanwan could say anything else. Yi Shuihan’s house didn’t have a door, so it was incredibly easy to enter.

Ye Wanwan hastily ran closer to Piece of Sh*t upon seeing them. “Knight-errant Yi, it’s them…”

Piece of Sh*t’s bone-chilling gaze swept over those men immediately.

The men in black were taken aback when they saw the man in cartoon pajamas.

This man had pulled his long hair into a ponytail and was wearing yellow cartoon-printed pajamas, as though he was a manga character who walked into the real world.

“You have helpers?” The leader was startled.

These men in black had never seen Piece of Sh*t before, so how could they have recognized the god in front of them?

“Why…” Piece of Sh*t darkly asked as he stared at the men in black.

“What why?” the leader reflexively replied, baffled.

“Why did you disrupt my sleep?” Piece of Sh*t twisted his neck and walked toward the men with large strides.

Before those men in black could react, Piece of Sh*t was a hair’s breadth away. No one saw how Piece of Sh*t attacked, but Piece of Sh*t was now gripping one of the men by the neck. The man’s feet left the ground as Piece of Sh*t lifted him into the air with a single arm.

The man whose throat was gripped by Piece of Sh*t looked terrified. Is he a monster?!

“You’re dead!” the leader shouted in rage.

However, the cracking of bones resounded just as he finished speaking.

The choked man’s neck was shattered instantly.

After crushing the man’s neck, Piece of Sh*t released his right hand, and the man dropped to the ground with a bang, dying miserably on the spot.

” What did you just say…? Piece of Sh*t’s gaze landed on the leader.


Sweat soaked the leader’s forehead. Just who the hell is this guy? Why is he so terrifying…

“Attack together!”

The leader made up his mind a moment later. Regardless of who he was, they had many people on their side. The outcome was uncertain until they started fighting. If they really weren’t a match, they could escape.

Several men in black charged toward Piece of Sh*t after the leader spoke.

However, minutes later, seven corpses were added to the floor. Those men in black didn’t have any chance of escaping in the end.

Ye Wanwan was flabbergasted.

Yi Shuihan was seriously terrifyingly powerful. She couldn’t imagine how his body possessed such explosive power…

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