Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1369 - Clingiest Beast

Chapter 1369: Clingiest Beast

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Those men in black didn’t seem to have any room for retaliation in front of Yi Shuihan…

“When will you help me install the door?” Piece of Sh*t sat down on the sofa and asked Ye Wanwan.

“Tomorrow…” Ye Wanwan answered promptly.

Piece of Sh*t nodded. “Money isn’t a problem. Install a better door; I don’t want to keep getting disturbed.”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. Thankfully, Big Dipper hadn’t come to install the door today. Her fate would’ve been tragic otherwise…

Ye Wanwan thought, ‘When Big Dipper installs the door, I gotta force Big Dipper to make a spare key…’

“Since you aren’t leaving, do you want to sleep together?” Piece of Sh*t lay down on the sofa and looked at Ye Wanwan.

“Goodbye, Knight-errant Yi!”

Ye Wanwan turned to leave.

After leaving Yi Shuihan’s residence, Ye Wanwan didn’t return to the unlucky house and went to the office directly. She forcefully dragged Virus and Great White to the mansion with her.

Inviting two bodyguards to live at her place made her feel safer…

Inside the mansion, Virus acted like he’d discovered new land and jumped up and down in the living room, seeming to have inexhaustible energy.

Great White yawned and lay on the ground, his large eyes locked onto Virus.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan brought Virus and Great White into the master’s bedroom.

Virus nimbly jumped onto Ye Wanwan’s bed immediately, his head leaning against Ye Wanwan’s stomach with his limbs placed casually.


Without any doubt, this was the clingiest beast she’d ever seen. He didn’t have any of the haughtiness that belonged to a beast.

Meanwhile, Great White’s large body lay horizontally in front of the door like a door god.

The next morning at dawn, Ye Wanwan arrived at the office.

Ye Wanwan didn’t publicize the events from last night. Although she suspected it to be the work of those old geezers, she didn’t have any proof. Even if she had proof, it was unrealistic for her to knock those old geezers down with her current power in the Fearless Alliance.

Right now, watching and waiting was the best approach.

“Sis Feng.”

Seven Star entered and said to Ye Wanwan, “Yan Xiong was killed last night, and the Yan family is outraged. They want the Fearless Alliance and Sis Feng to give them an explanation. The elders told me to call you over for a meeting.”

“I’ll be there in a moment,” Ye Wanwan replied.

Seven Star nodded and left the office.

After Seven Star left, Ye Wanwan frowned. Her first hard battle after coming to the Independent State and pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance was about to begin.

At the Fearless Alliance’s peak, the Yan family would be considered insignificant in the eyes of the Fearless Alliance.

However, following the president’s disappearance, the Yan family developed rapidly over the years and stopped caring about the Fearless Alliance a long time ago.

Yesterday, it was Emperor Ji who killed Yan Xiong, but the Yan family directed the blame onto the Fearless Alliance…

A moment later, Ye Wanwan got up and left the office, heading for the conference room.

Inside the conference room, aside from Third Elder Li Si, two other elders were present. The remaining attendees were the higher-ups of the Fearless Alliance.

“Heh… President, you just returned. How did you stab the hornet’s nest already?”

Li Si criticized with a sneer as soon as Ye Wanwan appeared.

Several higher-ups nodded vehemently and voiced their agreement. Although they didn’t explicitly say Ye Wanwan acted poorly, their words implicitly expressed their blame.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything and walked forward, pulling back the chair in the center of the conference room before sitting down.

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