Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1367 - Your grandfather is here

Chapter 1367: Your grandfather is here

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Speaking of which, besides the bosses she offended, Bro Flattop herself probably offended a countless number of people. If those bosses shifted the blame onto her… this would be a great misunderstanding…

With a deep frown, Ye Wanwan watched the men in black at the front slowly creeping upstairs.

Thankfully, she couldn’t fall asleep. The consequences would be too horrible to contemplate otherwise…

When the men in black were about to reach the second floor, Ye Wanwan suddenly stood up with a cold glint in her eyes.

“Bro Flattop!” the leader shouted when he saw her.

“Your grandfather is here!” Ye Wanwan snorted and promptly kicked him.


Ye Wanwan’s kick perfectly landed on that man in black’s head.

A second later, the man in black rolled down the stairs, knocking down the other men behind him.

Visibility was low at night, so they couldn’t avoid him even if they wanted to.

Ye Wanwan used the stair railings and jumped down into the living room without any hesitation.

These men in black came to assassinate the president of the Fearless Alliance, so every single one of them had to be very strong. Ye Wanwan wasn’t a fool. Why would she fight with those men? Of course she’d flee first!

Soon, the leader stood up and was about to say something when he saw the president slipping out the door and escaping the mansion.

“Chase! She must die tonight!” the leader shouted furiously.

The men were extremely fast. They turned into dark shadows and chased after her.

Outside the mention, Ye Wanwan couldn’t differentiate north from south and could only concentrate on fleeing for her life.

Those men in black clearly wanted Bro Flattop’s life. She might be a decent fighter, but her skills were nothing in the face of these professional assassins from the Independent State.

As Ye Wanwan ran, she looked behind her.

It had to be said that those men in black were extremely fast—at least a couple times faster than her.

Ye Wanwan’s brows were deeply locked together. These people aren’t assassins! They should run marathons instead…

Ye Wanwan was getting anxious. Those men behind her were simply too fast; they’d probably catch up to her in a dozen or so more seconds at most.

If she really was Bro Flattop, she naturally wouldn’t need to be scared… But she was merely a counterfeit. She might not even defeat them one on one, let alone seven or eight of them at once… She’d be done for if they caught up to her… Death would be imminent…

At that moment, Ye Wanwan caught the other side of the street from the corner of her eyes.

There was a normal house standing there. What was special about this house was that it didn’t have a door…

Ye Wanwan’s eyes turned cold. Doesn’t Yi Shuihan live there?

The gears in her mind turned, and she dashed toward the doorless house without any hesitation.

The men in black didn’t sense anything amiss and followed relentlessly.

It was pitch black inside the house. Ye Wanwan couldn’t find Yi Shuihan anywhere inside.

An ominous feeling rose in her mind. If… Knight-errant Yi wasn’t home… didn’t she run herself into a dead-end? She had set herself up as an easy target!!!

“Knight-errant Yi… Are you home…” Ye Wanwan shouted.

A sound was heard from the sofa in the living room.

Ye Wanwan automatically looked at the sofa.

Yi Shuihan sat up from the sofa in cartoon pajamas, vicious displeasure surfacing in his eyes from being woken up.

However, his appearance merely gave a dazedly cute feeling when paired with his extremely adorable cartoon pajamas…

In the next second, Yi Shuihan’s gaze landed on Ye Wanwan.

“Knight-errant Yi, not good… I just saw a group of men in black sneakily lingering in front of your house… They must’ve come here to assassinate you! I came to notify you at the risk of my life…” Ye Wanwan hastily said as she walked toward Yi Shuihan.

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