Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1364 - Sheltered by Lord Asura

Chapter 1364: Sheltered by Lord Asura

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The woman in red and the two workers turned ashen when they heard Ji Xiuran.

Never would they have expected the girl they called “d*mn whore” would actually be the president of the Fearless Alliance… Bro Flattop…

“President… President Bai… I was wrong… I didn’t do it on purpose… I beg you to spare me; I won’t ever do it again!”

One of the workers knelt next to Ye Wanwan instantly and begged crazily.

Autumn Water abruptly stood up and kicked out her leg, the tips of her high heels mercilessly striking the woman’s forehead and sending the woman several meters back.

“Impudent trash.” Autumn Water coldly glanced at the woman and sat back down.

“Tsk, pitiful people must have something detestable about them. Even if she was a normal person, she didn’t provoke you. Just because she’s taller than you, has a bigger chest than you, and is better looking than you, you want nothing more than for her to die? What a d*mn whore.” Big Dipper sneered at the woman in red and the two workers.


Ji Xiuran waved his hand lightly with a smile on his lips.

Skeleton nodded and ordered someone to cart away the withered Yan Xiong and three women out of the room.

“F-fourth Uncle… Fourth Uncle, save me… This is a misunderstanding… This must be a misunderstanding…” Yan Xiong returned to his senses and couldn’t help but beg his uncle to save him.

“Shut up!” Fourth Uncle Yan glared harshly at Yan Xiong. “What a useless idiot… You asked for death yourself. No one can save you; don’t drag me down with you!”

“No… Fourth Uncle… Isn’t… isn’t our Yan family sheltered by Asura? We pay tribute every month… Isn’t Lord Asura also here… Fourth Uncle, quick… quickly tell Lord Asura to come out… Quick!” Yan Xiong frantically shouted.

However, Fourth Uncle Yan merely chortled. Just who was Lord Asura? Why would he interfere in this trivial matter…

Moreover, it was a rule for the Yan family to submit a tribute to Asura every month because the Yan family’s territory was situated in Asura’s territory, but submitting a tribute didn’t mean Asura would shelter them; it wasn’t like they were giving a protection fee…

If anything, Lord Asura would shelter the head of the Yan family. What did he have to do with nobodies like them…

Soon, Yan Xiong’s cries for mercy grew distant until they faded.

Inside the room, Ji Xiuran courteously smiled at Fourth Uncle Yan and said, “If there’s nothing else, please leave as well.”

“Y-y-yes… Emperor Ji… President Bai, it was our wrongdoing today… We’ll definitely apologize later… I’ll take my leave now.” Fourth Uncle Yan wiped away the sweat on his forehead and promptly left the room.

“The old geezer seriously has a flowery tongue.” Big Dipper snorted. “That fourth Uncle is the Yan family’s diplomat and has a belly full of evil tricks. Before the president returned, he was plotting against our Fearless Alliance…”

“What a mood killer.” Autumn Water snorted. “Xiao Feng, let’s go back.”

“Sure.” Ye Wanwan nodded. She wasn’t interested in this kind of place from the start, so she wanted nothing more than to leave sooner.

Everyone got up and left the room.

When they left the room, a group of men in black walked downstairs, as though escorting an important person out of the club.

“Who is that? What an ostentatious entourage.” Big Dipper leaned against the door as he looked ahead with curiosity.

Ye Wanwan followed Big Dipper’s gaze and looked toward the center of the men in black. What she saw startled her though.

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