Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1363 - Absolutely impossible

Chapter 1363: Absolutely impossible

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“Hahaha, Big Dipper, Seven Star, how about you give me some face and forget about this matter? It’s all a misunderstanding. You two gentlemen probably wouldn’t want to have bad blood with me because of a woman, right? It’s just a woman; there’s all kinds…” Fourth Uncle Yan said with a chuckle.

Discussion bustled amongst the audience again.

Could it be that Seven Star and Big Dipper from the Fearless Alliance also had a thing with this woman…?

However, it had to be said that this woman’s looks were superb… So it would be understandable if she had illicit relationships with those bosses too.

“Heh, nothing but a high-level whore… In the end, she’s still selling herself.”

The two seductively dressed workers snorted inwardly.

The woman in red stared at Ye Wanwan with gritted teeth. She only managed to latch onto Yan Xiong of the Yan family, but this woman actually latched onto Big Dipper and Seven Star from the Fearless Alliance. She seemed to have something with even Emperor Ji…

“Old geezer, it’s pointless to ask us. Talk to Sis Feng yourself and see if she agrees,” Big Dipper dryly replied with a glance at Fourth Uncle Yan.

“Sis Feng?”

Fourth Uncle Yan was startled and reflexively asked, “Which Sis Feng?”

“What? You don’t even recognize Sis Feng anymore? The president of the Fearless Alliance, Sis Feng,” Big Dipper said.

“Bai Feng?!” Fourth Uncle Yan was astonished. “Big Dipper… You’re saying President Bai returned? Then where’s President Bai?”

“Isn’t she before your eyes?” Big Dipper pointed at Ye Wanwan.


Dead silent.

Not a single sound could be heard inside or outside the room.

Everyone’s eyes landed on Ye Wanwan. Time seemed to have stopped; the air also froze.

Everyone was stupefied.

What did Big Dipper just say…

The woman who offended Yan Xiong was… the president… of the Fearless Alliance… Bro Flattop?!?!?!

The woman in red and the two seductively dressed women next to her turned ghastly pale. They had never seen the president of the Fearless Alliance before, but who didn’t know Bro Flattop’s, Bai Feng’s, infamous reputation?

“B-b-bai… Bai… Bai Feng… Im-impossible… That’s absolutely impossible…” The woman in red crumbled onto the ground like a pile of mud.

The two seductively dressed workers also froze on the spot, disbelief covering their faces.

“President… of the Fearless Alliance… Bro Flattop…”

The smile on Yan Xiong’s face disappeared without a trace and was replaced by fear.

What the heck did he do…?

“S-she’s President Bai?!” Fourth Uncle Yan looked at Ye Wanwan incredulously.

“Bullsh*t,” Big Dipper coldly said. “Isn’t your Yan family’s news a little outdated? How could you not know Sis Feng returned?”

“This… T-this…” Cold sweat soaked Fourth Uncle Yan’s forehead. “President… I won’t take responsibility for this matter… It has nothing to do with me!”

“You probably can’t be in charge of it anyway, right?” Ji Xiuran asked the elderly man with a light chuckle.

Ji Xiuran turned to Ye Wanwan. “Xiao Feng, how about you let me handle this matter?”

Ye Wanwan thought it over before nodding.

“Skeleton, you can give them a taste of their own medicine,” Ji Xiuran told Skeleton with a smile.

“Alright.” Skeleton nodded. “Since Yan Xiong likes to give women to his favored brothers, then I’ll give those three women to some normal brothers of mine. Playing with them until they’re dead will do.”

“Sure.” Emperor Ji chuckled.

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