Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1362 - Why are you here?

Chapter 1362: Why are you here?

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Soon, Yan family led Fourth Uncle Yan and the experts to the door of Room 302.

The woman in red and the two workers with heavy make-up and seductive clothes sneered when they saw Fourth Uncle Yan’s appearance. Time to watch how that woman would die this time!


Yan Xiong kicked the door open.

Big Dipper and Seven Star frowned.

“You b*stards are going to die today!” The woman in red lit a cigarette and sneered as she looked at Ye Wanwan and Ji Xiuran.

“Let’s see how f*cking egoistical you’ll be now!”

The two seductive women also interjected with a sneer.

Fourth Uncle Yan slowly entered Room 302 and was about to say something but froze in his spot when his eyes swept over the room.

Fearless Alliance’s Big Dipper… Seven Star… Autumn Water…

Aside from these people, the man on the sofa languidly glanced at him with an aloof smile.

“You pieces of sh*t dared to offend me?!” Yan family sneered. “You must all die tonight. Skeleton, our Yan family has connections to Emperor Ji. You dared to offend me tonight; let’s see how you’ll explain yourself to Emperor Ji tomorrow!”

Then Yan Xiong ordered the elite experts brought by Fourth Uncle Yan, “Attack! Leave me the d*mn whore next to the pretty boy!”

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However, Yan Xiong had just spoken when Fourth Uncle Yan’s expression drastically changed, and he ruthlessly backhanded Yan Xiong’s face.

“Fourth Uncle, why did you slap me again?!”

Yan Xiong was baffled as he clutched his face and looked at his uncle.

Fourth Uncle Yan didn’t pay any attention to Yan Xiong though. He walked toward Ji Xiuran and hastily said with a simpering smile, “Emperor Ji, why are you here?”

The woman in red and two seductively dressed workers were utterly flabbergasted, their sneers frozen on their faces.

The audience outside the door which kept increasing in number was also incredulous. That man was actually… the greatly renowned Ji Xiuran in the Independent State… Emperor Ji…!

“Could it be the woman who slapped Yan Xiong earlier is Emperor Ji’s lover…”

“I think it’s possible. No wonder she’s so gutsy and arrogant! It turns out she latched onto the powerful Emperor Ji!”

“Yan Xiong is out of luck this time!”

“That’s not necessarily true. She’s just a mere toy. The Yan family is quite strong, and Emperor Ji is friends with the previous head of the Yan family, so Emperor Ji probably wouldn’t have a fall out with them because of a mere woman.”

The audience fervently gossiped amongst themselves.

Yan Xiong froze in his spot. That man is Emperor Ji?!

Ji Xiuran chuckled lightly and said, “I came to spend some time with my friend… but I seem to have offended someone from your Yan family just now. Do I need to apologize?”

“Apologize? N-n-no… Why in the world would you need to apologize, Emperor Ji?! My nephew must’ve been blind and caused some misunderstanding… Emperor Ji, your esteemed self is benevolent, so please don’t punish us for this matter… After all, it’s just a woman…” Fourth Uncle Yan requested, falling all over himself.

“Punish?” Ji Xiuran smiled and shook his head. “I won’t punish you.”

“Hahaha, that’s great! Normal people couldn’t compare to Emperor Ji’s generosity. I’ll thank Emperor Ji first,” Fourth Uncle Yan hastily said with a grin.

“However…” Ji Xiuran looked at Fourth Uncle Yan and smiled. “I might not punish you, but you have to ask the Fearless Alliance whether they’ll punish you instead.”

“The Fearless Alliance?”

Fourth Uncle Yan’s brows furrowed slightly. Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Autumn Water were the confidants of the Fearless Alliance’s president from back then. They were once fearsome, but they had lost all real power in the Fearless Alliance following the president’s disappearance.

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