Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1361 - The lord inside is Lord Asura!

Chapter 1361: The lord inside is Lord Asura!

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“Lord… say, how about we submit this amount every month…” Fourth Uncle Yan’s tone was extremely cautious as he looked at the man with an ingratiating smile.

“Fourth Uncle, don’t talk anymore, I was bullied!!!” Yan Xiong hastily walked toward the elderly man and the man when his fourth uncle ignored him.

However, Yan Xiong had just approached when the man’s utterly bone-chilling eyes examined him.

A mere look caused Yan Xiong to feel like he fell into an icy pit, frost covering his arms and ice eroding his cells.

“You f*cking idiot!”

Fourth Uncle Yan abruptly stood up and backhanded Yan Xiong’s face without giving him another chance to speak.

A crisp “Slap” rang out. The force behind it was clear as day.

Yan Xiong clutched his face and looked at the elderly man, baffled. He complained with outrage, “Fourth Uncle, why did you hit me?!”

“You little b*stard, you rashly charged inside without seeing who I’m with! Do you want to die?!” Fourth Uncle Yan shouted angrily.

Fourth Uncle Yan looked at the man next to him with a simpering smile, “Lord… I’ve embarrassed myself. This is my nephew… But some blind idiot offended him…”

The man expressionlessly looked at Fourth Uncle Yan for a moment before apathetically saying, “Then scram outside if you want to talk.”

“Y-ye-yes… My lord, I’ll go outside to talk right now…” The elderly man nodded vehemently.

Yan Xiong looked at the man with an astonished expression. Just what was this man’s background and status that he dared to speak to Fourth Uncle like this?!

What was most abnormal was that Fourth Uncle remained bowing and servile toward this man! Wasn’t this too excessive?!

Soon, the elderly man led Yan Xiong outside the room.

“Fourth Uncle, who’s that man? Why’s he so arrogant?!” Yan Xiong looked at his uncle with incomprehension written all over his face.

When Fourth Uncle Yan heard this, he mercilessly slapped Yan Xiong’s face. “Do you f*cking want to die?! Quiet down! If he overhears you, you won’t even f*cking know how you died!”

“Isn’t that too exaggerated… He can’t be… Emperor Ji, right?” Yan Xiong recalled how Skeleton also showed up at the nightclub.

“Idiot, the lord inside is… Lord Asura!” Yan Xiong said.

“What… L-lord… Lord Asura?!” Sweat and fright overcame Yan Xiong when he learned that man’s identity.

Lord Asura was the leader of Asura, one of the Independent State’s most terrifying powers once upon a time. People called him the Lord of Night.

Cold, heartless, savage, and decisive. He held no regard for even the Martial Arts Union.

Rumors claimed Lord Asura had some connection to the Independent State’s recluse ancient clan, the Si clan…

“Alright, enough nonsense. What do you want?!” Fourth Uncle asked.

Yan Xiong immediately told Fourth Uncle Yan the whole story.

Fourth Uncle Yan grew furious upon hearing the events. “That happened?! Isn’t Skeleton belittling our Yan family too much?! I must make Skeleton give me an explanation tonight!”

“Fourth Uncle, Skeleton is under Emperor Ji… If we attack, wouldn’t…” Yan Xiong asked with a frown.

“No worries, I’ll personally speak with Emperor Ji about this matter tomorrow,” Fourth Uncle Yan replied.

Soon, Fourth Uncle Yan called upon dozens of elite experts from the Yan family. No matter how strong Skeleton was, he wasn’t a match for dozens of the top elite experts from the Yan family!

Amongst the eight gods under Emperor Ji, Skeleton’s strength ranked the lowest. Rumors said Skeleton’s specialty wasn’t martial arts; his brain was best at being a military counselor.

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