Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1360 - Come to my house

Chapter 1360: Come to my house

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Could it be that the woman who offended Yan Xiong had some kind of connection to Skeleton…?

Several audience members’ expressions shifted when they thought of that. No wonder that woman acted so arrogantly and disregarded Yan Xiong to that extent! It turned out she knew Skeleton!

Yan Xiong’s expression also shifted drastically. He dashed out of Room 302 within seconds.

“Skeleton… You f*cking… You dared to oppose our Yan family for a woman?! Did you ask Emperor Ji before doing that… Just wait!”

Yan Xiong angrily shouted into the room after getting outside.

One of the higher-ups in their Yan family knew Emperor Ji, Ji Xiuran, and that higher-up was coincidentally entertaining an esteemed guest in this very nightclub right now!

“Brother Xiong…” The woman in red didn’t know what to do as she stood next to Yan Xiong.

“Hmph! I’m going to call my fourth uncle over!”

At the same time, inside Room 302, Skeleton looked at Emperor Ji in inquiry.

“No need to chase them. Call someone to clean this place up,” Ji Xiuran said with a faint smile.

Skeleton nodded minutely and turned to leave the room. A moment later, he led the manager of the nightclub there.

The manager was drenched in sweat when he saw the corpses littering the ground, sweat dripping down like pearls from his forehead.

“Clean up this place,” Skeleton apathetically ordered.

“Y-y-yes… S-su-sure! We’ll clean it immediately!”

The manager ordered some servers to carry the corpses out and cautiously cleaned the entire room, returning it to its original condition before excusing himself and leaving.

Seven Star and Big Dipper acted like nothing had happened. They were used to this kind of thing in the Fearless Alliance.

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly glanced at Emperor Ji. This man always wore a faint smile no matter what was happening, as though he was a harmless boy-next-door…

However, it was this seemingly gentle man who was the tyrannical emperor of Europe’s entire underground syndicates… How could this man be anything but a bloodthirsty character…?

Everyone was probably deceived by his harmless exterior, but seriously believing Emperor Ji was harmless was likely the stupidest thing to do in this world. The consequence was a devastating attack.

“Oh right, come to my house in a few days,” Emperor Ji lightly said while looking at Ye Wanwan, his lips tightly sealed about the prior events.

Ye Wanwan’s expression shifted slightly.

Aside from possessing his own power, Emperor Ji was also the heir of the Ji family, one of the four great clans of the Independent State…

Wasn’t telling her to go to his house the same as telling her to go to the Ji residence…?

However, it seemed logical for a fiancée to visit her fiancé’s house, so Ye Wanwan couldn’t find any excuse to decline.

“Sure, when I’m free in a few days…” Ye Wanwan agreed in the end.

Ji Xiuran nodded lightly.

At this time, Yan Xiong had reached a certain luxurious private room at the nightclub.

“Fourth Uncle!”

Yan Xiong pushed open the door and entered, fuming with rage.

There was a smiling elderly man with a head of white hair in front of him. Sitting next to the elderly man was an extremely aloof man.

The man’s eyes were akin to a perpetually frozen glacier, and he emitted a terrifyingly icy aura from head to toe.

This man seemed to have been God’s favorite; his appearance was absolutely stunning. However, because his aura was overly imposing and powerful, people’s attention was utterly focused on his aura, and some didn’t even dare to look at his face directly.

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