Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1359 - No one can save you

Chapter 1359: No one can save you

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Yan Xiong gestured and dozens of people rushed into the room like a tidal wave.

“D*mn whore, I’m gonna let my brothers have a good time today! Strip her!” Yan Xiong sneered.

Big Dipper finally realized what had happened.

Where did these people come from? Were they tired of living and suicidally causing a commotion in their territory?!

Emperor Ji didn’t even glance at the newcomers and merely asked Ye Wanwan, “Are they looking for you?”

Ye Wanwan nodded and said, “Just a few blind vermin. I was originally going to spare them.”

“Why the f*ck are you standing there? Strip her already! Kill any nosy punks!” Yan Xiong shouted malevolently.

Dozens of men in black dashed toward Ye Wanwan.

At that moment, Emperor Ji glanced at the men in black.

His icy, dark gaze caused them to tremble for some reason.

“Mr. Hong, is it…? Can you please do me a courtesy and leave?” Ji Xiuran lightly asked as he looked at Yan Xiong with a harmless smile.

“Oh my, where did this little guy come from? You have rather good looks.” The woman in red examined Ji Xiuran for a moment before saying, “Brother, be more tactful and get lost immediately… This woman offended our Brother Xiong, so she won’t be leaving alive unless she gives my brothers a good enough time tonight! I’d like to see how slutty she is!”

“All the unrelated people here except for this woman, get out of my sight! Otherwise, you’re all going to die here tonight!” Yan Xiong shouted ruthlessly.

“Brother Xiong… this d*mn whore dared to offend you! You mustn’t allow her to leave alive!”

“Brother Xiong, you’re so benevolent! You’re giving this whore a good time before her death!”

The two seductively dressed workers smiled at Yan Xiong ingratiatingly.

Big Dipper and Autumn Water looked at Yan Xiong and his group like they were idiots. Just how ignorant were these people…? They could be forgiven for not recognizing them. It was also logical for them to not recognize the Fearless Alliance’s Bro Flattop since she was gone for so many years and changed drastically in terms of appearance. However, the fact that they didn’t even recognize the freaking emperor of Europe’s underground…

“So you won’t be doing me this courtesy,” Ji Xiuran said with a chuckle.

Yan Xiong and his group snorted upon hearing that. Did this pretty boy really think he was someone important? Doing him a courtesy?!

Before Yan Xiong could say anything, a man in a white suit with an extremely grave and stern appearance entered the room.

“My lord.” The stern man bowed to Ji Xiuran.

“Skeleton, we can’t stop the sky from raining,” Ji Xiuran said with a smile.

The stern man, Skeleton, nodded in understanding.

We can’t stop the sky from raining.

The corresponding phrase was…”No one can save a person from seeking death.”


A dagger appeared in Skeleton’s hand out of nowhere.

Before anyone understood what was happening, Skeleton disappeared from his spot and the strange sound of a weapon piercing flesh and bones was heard in the next second.

A dozen breaths later, more than ten of the people brought by Yan Xiong had their necks pierced by Skeleton’s dagger.


The remaining dozen or so people were flabbergasted by this scene.

“He’s… o-one of the eight gods under E-emperor Ji… Night Skeleton!!!”

“What… Skeleton?!?!”

The audience had grown outside the room. Everyone’s expressions shifted when they heard Skeleton’s name; they were all in disbelief.

There were eight gods under Emperor Ji with combat skills that could be described as freakish—Skeleton was one of them!

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