Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1358 - Can’t be jealous, right

Chapter 1358: Can’t be jealous, right

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“Autumn Water told me earlier that you wanted to find someone like me, so I came to take a look. Do I suit your taste?” Ji Xiuran looked at Ye Wanwan with a sardonic smile and gentle eyes.

Ye Wanwan involuntarily shivered. Ji Xiuran wasn’t spewing nonsense from a fury-induced craze, right…

Ah, I’m his fiancée… I was caught at a nightclub seeking pleasure…

Ye Wanwan thought about it from a different point of view. What if she caught Si Yehan at a nightclub seeking pleasure…

Ji Xiuran had to be mad from fury…

Ye Wanwan glared at Autumn Water. Her mouth seriously deserved a slapping.

“Come here.”

Ji Xiuran extended his right hand and gestured at Ye Wanwan before slapping the spot next to him.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to walk to Ji Xiuran and sit down next to him.

“D*mn… Um… Could it be that Sis Feng and Emperor Ji are really a thing… How did Sis Feng get her hands on Emperor Ji?! Sis Feng didn’t drug Emperor Ji, right?!”

Big Dipper looked like he had seen a ghost and stared at Ye Wanwan and Ji Xiuran in disbelief.

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper.

“What are you looking at me for… Emperor Ji’s famous for being an abstinent sage in the Independent State, alright… Rumors say he’s never touched a woman before… D*mn, beautiful woman surround him like flowers, but he doesn’t even glance at them… If it was me…” Big Dipper’s expression became more and more surprised, and he turned to Seven Star. “Old Seven… say… Emperor Ji doesn’t…”

What?” Seven Star asked dryly.

“Doesn’t… like men, right?!” Big Dipper finished.

Before Seven Star could say anything, Big Dipper stared at Seven Star and exclaimed, “Sh*t… I’ve also never seen you touch a woman… You can’t possibly… also like men, right…”

Big Dipper subconsciously withdrew and increased the distance between them.

Seven Star examined Big Dipper aloofly. He didn’t look interested in responding to Big Dipper.

“Is this place fun?” Ji Xiuran nonchalantly asked Ye Wanwan.

Emperor Ji immediately glanced at the fresh meat in the room and continued, “Are they… good-looking?”


Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, the two fresh meat sitting next to Autumn Water were terrified with fright.

This seemingly amiable and approachable man with a harmless and genial smile was actually the emperor of Europe’s underground, Ji Xiuran…

How could they not know Ji Xiuran’s great name as residents of the Independent State?!

However, why was this man looking at them? Weren’t they keeping Sister Autumn Water company… They were innocent!

“From now on, you can call me if you want to have fun.” Ji Xiuran looked away from them and turned back to Ye Wanwan with a faint smile.

Big Dipper frantically gave Ye Wanwan a giant thumbs up as he quietly said to Seven Star, “Say, Old Seven, Emperor Ji can’t be jealous, right… D*mn, Sis Feng actually managed to snag Emperor Ji… Am I dreaming…”

Ye Wanwan didn’t have a chance to say anything before the room’s door was kicked open with a bang.

“Brother Xiong, this is Room 302! The d*mn whore who offended you is here!”

Two seductively dressed nightclub workers entered the room first and stood by the door. They looked at Ye Wanwan with sneers.

Big Dipper and the others were startled, clueless about the sudden turn of events.

A second later, Yan Xiong and the woman in red entered the room.

“D*mn whore, you’re seriously gutsy… Today, I’m gonna watch you die!” The woman in red lit a cigarette and blew some smoke into the air while glaring viciously at Ye Wanwan.

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