Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1365 - If it was really Si Yehan

Chapter 1365: If it was really Si Yehan

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She only saw the back of the man in the center, but that silhouette was too familiar…

Si Yehan’s face instantly appeared in Ye Wanwan’s mind.

She couldn’t be certain, but that figure’s back was simply too similar…

However, if it was really Si Yehan, why would he come to this kind of red-light place to fulfill his carnal desires…

Ye Wanwan never would’ve expected she would silently hypothesize how she would feel if it was Si Yehan who was there a second ago and would see his familiar figure as soon as she stepped outside.

“Si Yehan!”

Ye Wanwan subconsciously shouted at that person.

The man entered a black car in the center of the motorcade and had just closed the door when he heard a voice that he had yearned after for many days… Moreover, that voice seemed to be calling his name.

“Ninth Brother, what is it?” Lin Que, who was sitting next to the man, asked when he saw something off about the man’s expression.

“Nothing,” the man replied aloofly.

“Ninth Brother, what is it?” Lin Que pursued, unwilling to give up when the man looked like he had something on his mind.

The man was silent for a moment before asking, “Did you hear it?”

“Hear?” Lin Que was startled. “Hear what… I didn’t hear anything…”

“Wanwan’s voice…” the man said.

“Huh? Ye Wanwan?” Lin Que broke into a chuckle. “Ninth Brother, have you fallen ill from longing… How could it be Ye Wanwan… This is the Independent State, and Ye Wanwan is in China. There are thousands of miles between us. You’re overthinking, Ninth Brother.”

“Perhaps.” The man looked at the nightclub through the window.

However, that familiar figure wasn’t in front of the nightclub.

“Drive,” Lin Que ordered.

The motorcade started moving.

“Ninth Brother, after coming back this time… we’ve cut off all ties with everything in China… You said it yourself. Can you really let it go?” Lin Que looked at the man.

The man fell into silence and didn’t respond.

“Ninth Brother… I know you had no choice in what you did. To protect her, you brought her back to China and even destroyed her memories… Now, you had to painfully leave… However, it’s a good thing. She will only be safe in China; she can start a new life there and will never again see this place that provoked fear in her—the Independent State.” Lin Que sighed.

A moment later, the man looked outside, his eyes unfathomable. The night was dark, and the pattering rain drizzled onto the ground.

Inside the nightclub, Big Dipper looked at Ye Wanwan, who was suddenly dazed, with his brows furrowed. “Sis Feng, what happened?”

Ye Wanwan gathered her emotions upon hearing that and said, “It’s nothing.”

Did she go crazy from how much she wanted to find him? She thought a random silhouette was Si Yehan…

“Bullsh*t, I know you best. Something must’ve happened… Oh right, why did you call Si… what is it… oh right, Si Yehan just now… Who’s Si Yehan… It’s not some lover you found while you were missing these past years, right…” Big Dipper looked at Ye Wanwan with astonishment.

“Si Yehan…”

Ji Xiuran murmured this name, an indescribable glint flickering through his eyes.

“I said it’s nothing. Are you blind?” Ye Wanwan snapped with a glare at Big Dipper.

“What does this have to do with being blind? Shouldn’t it be deaf?” Big Dipper was bewildered.

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