Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1340 - Can’t say things carelessly

Chapter 1340: Can’t say things carelessly

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The fragments of memory that flickered in Ye Wanwan’s mind were very blurry.

In those fragments, aside from Elder Jin, several faces that struck fear inside of her also appeared.

Her mind was very instinctively resistant toward these memories, and that explosive pain grew more intense.

“Sis Feng,” Seven Star spoke up when he sensed something amiss in Ye Wanwan’s expression.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and swiftly controlled her emotions.

The fragments of memory just now were too blurry, so she merely felt an instinctive fear. However, she couldn’t recall just what was it that caused such fear. Ye Wanwan was clueless.

Ye Wanwan sneered at Elder Jin. “Elder Jin, logically speaking, since you came to the Fearless Alliance, I, Bai Feng, should welcome you as the host today. However, there are too many bothersome matters in the Fearless Alliance lately, so speak frankly, Elder Jin. Don’t waste both of our valuable time.”


Elder Jin’s gaze landed on Ye Wanwan, and confusion surfaced in his eyes after a brief assessment.

Although he had heard the president of the Fearless Alliance’s name, Bai Feng, before, their first meeting was today. For some reason though, he found this woman a bit familiar, as though they had met before.

However, Elder Jin didn’t think too deeply about it. This woman was the president of the Fearless Alliance, after all. Perhaps he met her somewhere before she left the Independent State.

“President Bai, I’ll speak openly then.” Elder Jin calmly looked at Ye Wanwan. “Are you familiar with the Zhou family, President Bai?”

“Somewhat familiar,” Ye Wanwan said.

When she first came to the Independent State, she would’ve ended up homeless on the streets if it weren’t for the Zhou family, so she did owe the Zhou family to a certain degree.

“Alright.” Elder Jin nodded. “I heard that President Bai used a firearm in the Zhou residence that day.”

Big Dipper and the other senior management of the Fearless Alliance were shocked at Elder Jin’s words.

Firearms were clearly prohibited in the Independent State. This rule was established by the four great clans instead of the Martial Arts Union, and none of the other rules in the Independent State ever conflicted with that rule.

The reason the Independent State was able to develop until now without any interference and disturbance from other countries was precisely because the people in the Independent State found using firearms disdainful and would never use firearms.

Once a power started using firearms, it would become the entire Independent State’s public enemy without a question!

The president of the Fearless Alliance didn’t dare to use firearms even at the peak of the Fearless Alliance back then. This wasn’t because Bro Flattop was afraid; it was because she respected the Independent State and didn’t wish to become enemies with the entire Independent State.

The current Ye Wanwan thoroughly understood the Independent State’s rules and knew without anyone telling her that the rules implied not using firearms. She also knew that even the real Bro Flattop wouldn’t dare to use firearms, let alone a counterfeit like her.

Hence, how could Ye Wanwan admit a heinous crime like using a firearm so easily?

“Heh…” Ye Wanwan looked at the expressionless Elder Jin and lightly chuckled. “Elder Jin… you can eat things carelessly, but you can’t say things carelessly. You’re saying I used a firearm; what proof do you have though?”

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