Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1341 - Pig teammates

Chapter 1341: Pig teammates

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Seven Star slowly turned to look at Ye Wanwan.

Quite a few people personally witnessed Ye Wanwan using a firearm at the Zhou residence back then.

Although the majority of people didn’t dare to speak carelessly about the Fearless Alliance, someone would eventually tell this kind of thing to the Martial Arts Union.

“President Bai.” Elder Jin turned to Ye Wanwan. “Hundreds of people clearly saw you using a firearm at the Zhou residence. Walls have ears in the Independent State. The Martial Arts Union naturally knows what you did… When you used a firearm at the Zhou residence, a few members of our Martial Arts Union’s investigation team witnessed it. Why would our Martial Arts Union frame you for this matter?”

“Elder Jin is referring to us. It was us who personally witnessed President Bai using a firearm. It’s true, we even recorded a video from that day,” a certain man calmly spoke up from behind Elder Jin.

After saying that, the man pulled up a video on his phone, and everyone could clearly see the contents of the video. Ye Wanwan was holding a gun in front of the Zhou residence…

“Hmph, so what if my president pointed a gun at me?! I’m happy to have a gun pointed at me; I like having a gun pointed at me! Who told you to mind my own business?”

The elderly man, who Ye Wanwan pointed a gun at outside the Zhou residence that day, suddenly stepped forward and coldly shouted.

“Oh?” A certain member of the Martial Arts Union looked at the elderly man and snorted. “Li Ganchen, you’re rather masochistic to like having a gun pointed at your head.”

Li Ganchen disdainfully said, “So what if this old man likes to have the president pointing her gun at my head? That’s the Fearless Alliance’s internal affairs; what business is it of yours?”

“So you’re admitting President Bai used a firearm and pointed the gun at you?” Elder Jin calmly asked Li Ganchen.

Li Ganchen was taken back. He looked at Ye Wanwan and looked at Elder Jin again.

Ye Wanwan could only sigh inwardly at this scene. What kind of freaking pig teammate was this…?

Originally, Ye Wanwan could stubbornly deny it even if the Martial Arts Union had a video, but didn’t Li Ganchen’s words confirm her crime of using a gun?

“I never admitted that!” Li Ganchen vehemently shook his head under Elder Jin’s inquiry.

“Since you never admitted it, then please explain why you said President Bai pointed a gun at you and you like the feeling of having a gun pointed at you a lot?” Elder Jin said.

A sullen feeling rose in Li Ganchen’s eyes. He clenched his fists and angrily said, “Fine, it’s my gun! I gave it to the president for safekeeping. Blame me if you want to condemn someone. It has nothing to do with the president!”

“Fine, Li Ganchen, it’s fine if you admit it. Take him away,” a young man said behind Elder Jin.

They never thought they could take away the president of the Fearless Alliance on this trip. Taking a scapegoat and finishing the mission would be enough.

A few members of the Martial Arts Union swiftly dashed forward, about to drag Li Ganchen outside.

“Your Martial Arts Union is truly brazen! You dare to take away brothers of my Fearless Alliance at my headquarters!” A bewitching smile turned up on Ye Wanwan’s lips. “I can allow the Martial Arts Union to take Li Ganchen away… but whether the brothers behind me are willing… I can’t guarantee it.

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