Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1339 - Tell her who I am!

Chapter 1339: Tell her who I am!

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Ye Wanwan coldly looked at the man in black. “Who the hell are you? Who said you could talk here?!”

“You…” The man in black’s expression changed.

“Heh… The Martial Arts Union, huh? How ridiculous.” Ye Wanwan looked at Elder Jin and said, “Your Martial Arts Union represents the official power of the Independent State. Don’t merely focus on minding external business; you should remember to also improve the quality of your internal departments. The Martial Arts Union strays seriously lack etiquette.”

Ye Wanwan might be talking with a poisonous tongue, but she was helpless inside. She also didn’t want to insult the Martial Arts Union, alright?

Big Dipper could be ignored, but Seven Star was next to her and watching her every move. She was forced to insult them…

At that time, the Martial Arts Union could blame the true president of the Fearless Alliance if they wanted…

“Bai Feng, who the hell are you? How dare you speak so rudely to the Martial Arts Union? Even Asura from back then wouldn’t do that, let alone you! Bai Feng, I’m telling you, put away the front you’re showing to the outside. You acting arrogantly and fearlessly is an utter joke to us!” a sweet-looking woman harshly shouted out of nowhere.

“Who the hell am I?” Ye Wanwan snorted and dryly said, “Seven Star, tell her who I am!”

“The president of the Fearless Alliance,” Seven Star replied.

Ye Wanwan nodded and slowly walked to the sweet-looking woman. Before anyone could react, she lifted her hand and mercilessly slapped the woman’s face.


The crisp sound took everyone by surprise.

There were quite a few junior and senior management members from the Fearless Alliance inside the conference room. When they saw their president slapping a member of the Martial Arts Union without demur, they seriously jumped in fright.

However, this wasn’t a surprise. It would be reasonable even if the president suddenly drew out a saber and hacked that woman to death, let alone a mere slap. This was the president’s modus operandi indeed…

“You… you…” The sweet-looking woman clutched the left side of her face, frightening malice surfacing in her eyes.

“Who the hell are you? You’re bringing out Asura and Lord Asura to frighten me? When I led the siege on Asura back then, who knew where you were—were you playing with mud?! Get out of my sight!” Ye Wanwan shouted coldly.

Ye Wanwan turned to Seven Star before the woman could react. “Throw her out!”

Seven Star briskly complied and wordlessly approached the woman. He grabbed her by the lapels and forcefully flung her out of the conference room.

A loud “boom” was heard as the woman crashed onto the floor outside.

“President Bai, you’re too insolent!”

Several members of the Martial Arts Union coldly shouted immediately.

“Insolent?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “This is the headquarters of the Fearless Alliance… Even the heads of the four great clans would have to speak to me nicely if they came here, let alone clowns like you.”

“Remember, I don’t care whether you can call the wind and summon the rain in the Independent State… In my Fearless Alliance, coil up if you’re a dragon and lay down if you’re a tiger!”

Ye Wanwan ignored the members of the Martial Arts Union after saying that and turned to Elder Jin. With a faint smile, she asked, “Elder Jin, may I ask why you came here to talk to me today? There’s no harm in telling me.”

Elder Jin slowly looked up with a dry smile on his face. “Rumors say that the president of the Fearless Alliance fears nothing, not even the heavens, and even the four great clans are unwilling to provoke you. It appears the rumors aren’t false.”

However, Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed slightly when she saw Elder Jin’s face clearly.

Her head felt like it exploded abruptly as several blurry memories surfaced in her mind… For some reason, she felt like she had seen this person somewhere before…

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