Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1338 - Truly became a professional scapegoat

Chapter 1338: Truly became a professional scapegoat

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Big Dipper mentioned to Ye Wanwan earlier that the Martial Arts Union would seek trouble from her.

However, after coming to the Independent State and entering the Fearless Alliance, she followed the rules rather well and didn’t do anything inappropriate. As the official power of the Independent State, why was the Martial Arts Union looking to make trouble for her?

‘Could it be that Bro Flattop did something that offended the Martial Arts Union… and now the Martial Arts Union is adding the payback to my tab?’ Ye Wanwan thought. ‘If that’s true, then I truly became a professional scapegoat!’

“I know. Come here and help me look after these two.” Ye Wanwan slowly stood up but didn’t look away from Virus and Great White, afraid that these two ancestors would start fighting as soon as she looked away.

Virus had no regard for his life at all when he fought, and Great White might not like to instigate trouble, but he wasn’t afraid of trouble either… If Virus wanted to fight to the death with him, Great White would only comply…

“Ah… Virus… Pres—um…” The man in a suit’s expression instantly shifted when he heard that and sweat soaked his forehead. “President, you know Virus’ personality best. He’s too aggressive and powerful… and only listens to you in the entire Fearless Alliance. How could I watch over them…”

What made the suited man most speechless was that his president not only raised Virus but also obtained a white tiger. If these two beasts started fighting, who could suppress them?

Moreover, what would he do if these two wild beasts didn’t fight each other and wanted to tear him apart instead?

“Do as I say, stop blabbering,” Ye Wanwan ordered coldly.

“Alright…” Helpless, the suited man was forced to nod in agreement. He stood as far from the two animals as he could.

“Don’t let them start fighting. You’ll be responsible if anything happens to them,” Ye Wanwan added.

“Um… President, if they really start fighting and I can’t hold them back, what should I do?” the suited man asked when he saw Ye Wanwan leaving.

“Then come find me ASAP.”

Ye Wanwan left the office after saying that.

The conference room on the fifth floor:

An elderly man and several young men and women had been waiting inside the conference room for a long time.

The leader was around 60 years old. He wasn’t young, but he looked full of energy and didn’t appear old at all.

The young people standing next to the elderly man all had their hands behind their backs with aloof expressions and an extraordinary aura.

Soon, Ye Wanwan entered the conference room, accompanied by Big Dipper and Seven Star.

Ye Wanwan was walking in the front while Big Dipper and Seven Star followed behind on her left and right sides.

“Elder Jin, our president is here.”

Big Dipper announced while looking at the elderly man.

The elderly man, Elder Jin, lightly nodded upon hearing that but merely glanced at Ye Wanwan without any intention of speaking.

At Elder Jin’s signal, a young man in black sneered and said, “We’ve heard your name for a long time. What an honor to meet you today. Unfortunately, this meeting doesn’t live up to your reputation.”

Big Dipper’s brows furrowed slightly, but Ye Wanwan was there, so there wasn’t room for him to talk.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up into a bewitching smile. What a high and mighty front the Martial Arts Union had. They wanted to take her a notch down as soon as they met.

Ye Wanwan naturally didn’t hold any fear toward the Martial Arts Union since she wasn’t the actual president of the Fearless Alliance…

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