Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1337 - No thanks, I’m uninterested

Chapter 1337: No thanks, I’m uninterested

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Ye Wanwan didn’t think too deeply and swiftly shot forward, hugging Virus.

Virus roared but abruptly calmed down when his vicious eyes saw Ye Wanwan.

“Great White!”

Ye Wanwan hugged Virus with one arm and hugged Great White with her other arm.

Big Dipper was flabbergasted by this scene and automatically gave Ye Wanwan a thumbs up. “A-awesome… Sis Feng, I don’t admire walls, but I admire you…”

Ye Wanwan tuned Big Dipper out and kept comforting Great White and Virus as she knelt next to him.

These two ancestors’ astrological signs probably didn’t match. They started ripping each other apart the instant they met without even a greeting.

“Little Black, be good. Great White just came here, so don’t bully Great White,” Ye Wanwan meaningfully lectured as she ran her hands over Virus’s ink-like fur again and again.

“Haha… Sis Feng, you sound like you’re disciplining your son!” Big Dipper guffawed loudly. “Virus has been with you in the Fearless Alliance since he was young, so this place is basically his territory. A fierce beast like him is extremely intelligent and also has a very strong territorial sense… so it’s normal that they would fight…”

“Do I need you to tell me?” Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. This buffoon lacked a brain, right? He had the guts to explain something that was common sense?

Any wild beast has an extremely intense sense of territory, alright? Who hasn’t raised a few wild beasts before…

“Sis Feng, I heard… It was Emperor Ji who brought this white tiger here…? What’s the deal?” Big Dipper asked Ye Wanwan curiously.

“It’s a white tiger I adopted after leaving the Fearless Alliance. I asked Emperor Ji to help me find him last time.” Ye Wanwan found a random excuse.

Big Dipper was briefly startled and was filled with admiration. “You truly deserve to be my Sis Feng… You can raise two beasts anywhere you go… Oh right, Sis Feng, my friend raised a bear. Are you interested? If Sis Feng is interested, I can tell my friend to give his bear to you.”

“…” No thanks, I’m not interested!

“If you’re truly bored out of your mind, then get your a** over here and help me look after them,” Ye Wanwan said coldly.

“Uh… Sis Feng, I suddenly remembered I have something to do… I’ll talk to you later…” Big Dipper dashed out of Ye Wanwan’s office as soon as he finished speaking.

After a while, Great White and Virus continued to stare at each other with an intense hostility in each other’s eyes. If it weren’t for Ye Wanwan’s continual pacification, Great White and Virus probably wouldn’t relent until one survivor remained.

It had to be said that Virus’ fighting capability caused Ye Wanwan to develop a whole new level of respect for him.

Great White was a big-sized feline while Virus was medium-sized feline. One was a tiger and one was a panther, yet they still fought each other on even grounds…

“Be good, Little Black. Be good, Great White… Come on, shake paws. You’re good friends from now on.” Ye Wanwan grabbed Virus and Great White’s paws and smacked them together.

However, Virus released a dangerous growl while Great White coldly looked at Virus.

“…” Their astrological signs truly don’t match…


An impeccably dressed, middle-aged man entered Ye Wanwan’s office with large strides.

“Speak,” Ye Wanwan said.

“President… there are people from the Martial Arts Union who want to see you,” the middle-aged man replied with a frenzied expression.

“Martial Arts Union…”

Ye Wanwan frowned lightly when she heard that.

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