Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 129: You're the embarrassed one

Chapter 129: You're the embarrassed one

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All these comments naturally reached the ears of Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi.

Song Zi Hang's face darkened while Shen Meng Qi's face turned totally pale.

How could she accept the fact that one of her sidekicks was actually the center of attention and even being used to mock her?

Jiang Yan Ran normally treated her very well and even helped her quite a bit but what she hated most was her arrogant attitude now, exactly what she hated in Ye Wanwan previously.

Just because her father was the Ye family's chauffeur, she had to follow that big missy around like an attendant to please and appease her like she was her ancestor. She was even forced to stay back a year in school with her.

Those comments from the people around them were stabbing her in places that hurt the most. The look of surprise in Song Zi Hang's eyes just now made her expression darken even further.

Damn it, why is this completely different from what I imagined? With Jiang Yan Ran's character, after being jilted by Song Zi Hang recently, how could she be in the mood to doll up and look so radiant?

This style of dress also wasn't what she'd usually go for. She knew Jiang Yan Ran very well, and she would never wear something so flashy...

Shen Meng Qi couldn't figure out the sudden change in Jiang Yan Ran; could it be due to the trauma?

She quickly stopped her train of thought and turned to Jiang Yan Ran with a worried look, "Yan Ran, where did you go the past two days? We were looking for you everywhere; you didn't answer our calls and we didn't see your things in the dorm when we came back. We were all worried sick, afraid that something happened to you..."

With Shen Meng Qi looking like a beauty in tears, if you didn't know better, you'd think that the person jilted and attacked by rumours was her.

Jiang Yan Ran looked at Shen Meng Qi's pretence coldly, "Thank you so much for caring about me!"

Ye Wanwan, who was leaning against the seat at the front row, blinked and asked innocently, "Hm? Meng Qi, were you very worried about Yan Ran?"

Shen Meng Qi was suspicious as to why Ye Wanwan came together with Jiang Yan Ran but she didn't think much about it and thought it was a coincidence. She immediately replied hastily, "How could I not be worried? Yan Ran's my best friend too!"

Ye Wanwan revealed a doubtful look and said softly, "Oh... You still had the mood to come for a basketball match when you're so worried..."

Ye Wanwan looked as if she was talking to herself but her words were loud enough for everyone around them to hear.

Shen Meng Qi's face changed instantly and she secretly glared at Ye Wanwan. She hurriedly explained, "Wanwan, it's not like that. It's because today's match is so important, I just want..."

Ye Wanwan interrupted her before she could finish, and she nodded with an understanding look, "Me too, I think this match is really important too! I've been waiting for this match for so long! It's such a pity if I didn't watch it!"

Ye Wanwan's comment seemed harmless but it was obviously hinting at the crowd: To Shen Meng Qi, a match was more important than the life of her so-called best friend.

Upon hearing Ye Wanwan's silly comments, everybody around suddenly sniggered and burst out in mocking laughter.

"I suddenly find Shen Meng Qi really fake now!"

"That's right! Acting like she has a deep relationship with her best friend and looking like she was worried to death when in the end, she's here flirting with Song Zi Hang! I think she can't wait for Jiang Yan Ran to die so that she can cling to this big tree that's Song Zi Hang!"

"I heard that the Song family will be working with the government on a big project; their assets will multiply ten folds instantly!"



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