Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 128: Isn't he silly?

Chapter 128: Isn't he silly?

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Today's basketball match was the last match for the seniors. It was a farewell match so it was particularly packed with people.

Ye Wanwan stood by the entrance and scanned the court. She could see the two teams warming up but couldn't find Chu Feng. He probably hadn't arrived yet.

As for Song Zi Hang, his tall and big body stood out conspicuously in the second row of the arena.

Sitting with him were Shen Meng Qi, Fang Qin and a few other girls from class A.

Those girls looked at Song Zi Hang with gleaming eyes, full of worship.

But in Song Zi Hang's eyes, there was only Shen Meng Qi.

Song Zi Hang trained his eyes on the girls in front of him and spoke somewhat emotionally, "Thank you for coming to cheer for us!"

"Haha, Captain Song. You mean to thank Meng Qi for coming to watch your match! We're just here incidentally!"

"With Meng Qi's support, today will definitely be Captain Song's home game! We'll wipe out Jin Xiu completely!"

"That's for sure! It's the power of love!"

Shen Meng Qi wore a long light green dress today, looking very fresh and elegant. She blushed as she shot a look at the crowd teasing her, "Stop messing around! It's only right to cheer for our own school's basketball team!"

Ye Wanwan observed from a distance as she clicked her tongue.

Jiang Yan Ran brought water and food and washed the clothes for the entire basketball team but didn't even get a single word of praise. Shen Meng Qi, on the other hand, merely sat there to watch a match and he was beyond touched.

"Are you okay?" Ye Wanwan glanced at Jiang Yan Ran, worried.

Jiang Yan Ran took a deep breath and looked away from those two people flirting with each other. "I'm fine, let's go."

Ever since he posted that reply on the forum, Song Zi Hang had been unscrupulously courting Shen Meng Qi.

The two of them walked in a single file towards seats in the front row.

The spectators on the basketball court started whispering once they saw Ye Wanwan but Ye Wanwan already had quite the reputation so everybody wasn't too interested in her. Very quickly, everybody's attention turned towards the girl behind her.

Everybody's eyes lit up the moment they saw Jiang Yan Ran.

Especially the guys!

"Wow! Look, look! A beauty!"

"Which class is this beauty from? How come I've never seen her before?"

"Eh? Isn't this Jiang Yan Ran from class A? She's just had a change of hairstyle and clothes!"

"Damn! I must be blind! I didn't expect that Jiang Yan Ran would be so stunning! Her figure's fantastic too!"


The commotion in the basketball court quickly attracted Shen Meng Qi and Song Zi Hang's attention from the first row, and they turned and looked behind them.

Song Zi Hang only faintly heard someone saying "Jiang Yan Ran" before feeling a sense of revulsion subconsciously.

Could it be that this woman hasn't given up on me and is coming over to pester me some more?

Song Zi Hang wrinkled his brows as his gaze followed the crowd. In the next second, he was completely stunned.

In front of him was a girl in a bright vintage-printed floral dress, the fabric displaying her perfect figure and her brown curls making her look beautiful and alluring, no longer looking depressingly plain like before.

This girl who's so stunning that she's making every guy speechless is... Jiang Yan Ran!

Song Zi Hang couldn't believe his own eyes.

At this moment, the chattering around them got louder, especially after seeing Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi.

"Hey? Don't you find Jiang Yan Ran much prettier than Shen Meng Qi?"

Shen Meng Qi was certainly a beauty with her appearance, especially with the right makeup and clothes, but compared to the alluring Jiang Yan Ran, she suddenly looked really plain.

"She's much prettier, definitely! You can't tell usually!"

"To think about it, Jiang Yan Ran comes from a better family than Shen Meng Qi; her father's a famous director and her mother's a well-known screenwriter while Shen Meng Qi's father used to be a chauffeur for Ye Wanwan. Don't you find Song Zi Hang silly? Giving up on such a wealthy beauty with a good family who was so loyal to him for a country bumpkin?!"

All these comments naturally reached the ears of Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi.

Song Zi Hang's face darkened while Shen Meng Qi's face turned totally pale.

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