Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 127: Transformation

Chapter 127: Transformation

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"Are you done? Do you need help?"

Ye Wanwan asked impatiently as Jiang Yan Ran had been inside for over ten minutes and hadn't come out.

Jiang Yan Ran's uncertain voice came from the bathroom, "Wanwan, I think I'll change out of it. I feel weird!"

Ye Wanwan couldn't wait any longer so she simply pushed the door open and went in.

Seeing Jiang Yan Ran in that dress, Ye Wanwan was stunned.

Although she knew that Jiang Yan Ran was definitely suited for it, she was still surprised, "Damn! I knew you had a good figure! But I didn't expect it to be this good!"

Usually, Jiang Yan Ran preferred to wear oversized, artsy clothes that didn't accentuate her figure at all. However, the style of this dress showed all of Jiang Yan Ran's assets.

Ye Wanwan thought how well-suited this dress was as Mrs Jiang's gift as a rite of passage for her eighteen-year-old daughter.

Looking at the reflection of Jiang Yan Ran in the mirror, Ye Wanwan had the sense of a young girl breaking out of her cocoon to become a butterfly.

"You're teasing me again!" Jiang Yan Ran cried.

Watching Jiang Yan Ran's annoyed and ashamed expression, Ye Wanwan laughed, "I'm speaking the truth, okay?"

Since Jiang Yan Ran was still young, it was still too early for her to have the aura of a domineering queen. But right now, she was like a budding flower, revealing the charms of a woman while displaying a teenager's innocence. It was even more moving.

"Don't worry, trust me, it's not weird at all. You're just not used to it! If you want to talk about weird, it would be that your hairstyle and your temperament don't match at all. Pack up and let's head to the hairdresser's!"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm definitely sure. Do you want me to propose this idea to you with ten thousand more words?"

"Alright then..."

"Let's go, let's go!"

They quickly packed up and Ye Wanwan dragged Jiang Yan Ran out of the door eagerly.

As many people would be gathered at the school's basketball court to watch the match, most other public places would be empty.

At the hair salon:

Ye Wanwan made the hairdresser follow her requests strictly and changed Jiang Yan Ran's hairstyle.

The hairdresser was initially quite annoyed at Ye Wanwan's pretence in knowing anything about hair styling and bossing him around. But in the end, the end result left him speechless.

The girl in the mirror changed her dreary and boring straight black hair into a head of honey-coloured loose curls reaching her collarbone, making her appear more radiant and fashionable.

Initially, he thought that it would be an awkward length and he also didn't understand what Ye Wanwan meant by "unawakened curls". Who knew that the end result would be so fantastic?

With just a change in hairstyle, the girl in front looked as if she'd transformed into a different person, attracting the eye of any passerby.

"Miss, you're good! Where did you find this hairstyle? It's really nice!" The hairdresser had nothing more to say. What he couldn't figure out was that although this girl clearly had good aesthetic taste, why did she make herself look like that?

At this moment, seeing her own reflection in the mirror, Jiang Yan Ran seemed to have lost her senses too.

She had very little self-confidence and after finding out about Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi, she felt even more self-conscious. She kept thinking that Ye Wanwan was simply trying to make her feel better with her compliments. I never knew there's this side of me...

"What is it? Are you blown away by your own beauty?" Ye Wanwan laughed.

"It looks really good," Jiang Yan Ran nodded honestly. After all, as a girl, seeing herself become better-looking brightened up her mood.

"More like stunning, okay? The big transformation is done! Let's head over to the basketball court and find a good seat!" Ye Wanwan was secretly ecstatic.

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