Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 130: I won't let you be bullied

Chapter 130: I won't let you be bullied

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Shen Meng Qi clenched her fist tightly and called Ye Wanwan an "idiot" in her heart countless times. A look of hurt appeared on her face as she explained with reddened eyes, "It's not like that, I thought that since Yan Ran likes Captain Song so much and today's match was so important, Yan Ran might come to the basketball court so I came to try my luck..."

Ye Wanwan was fascinated as she listened; she was rapt in admiration with Shen Meng Qi's ability to twist the facts to justify herself.

Jiang Yan Ran lost without injustice!

When he saw how hurt and embarrassed Shen Meng Qi looked, Song Zi Hang protected her instantly. Thinking about how the Song family was no longer what it was before, he steeled himself and looked at Jiang Yan Ran in anger, "Jiang Yan Ran, have you had enough? You were the one who's spoiled and made everybody around you worried, yet you're still blaming Meng Qi now. You think every single person in this world revolves around you, rich princess?"

Tsk, revolves around her?

All these years, exactly who was the one revolving around whom?

Jiang Yan Ran looked at how Song Zi Hang scolded her indignantly to protect Shen Meng Qi and her heart was overwhelmed with sadness.

I must've been crazy to think that after so many years of feelings, this man would care about me.

Seeing Jiang Yan Ran biting her lips, Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes and said to Song Zi Hang, "Captain Song, why're you scolding Yan Ran? Didn't she just thank Meng Qi for caring about her? Even if you like Meng Qi, you shouldn't be so unfair towards Yan Ran, right? Even as Meng Qi's good friend, I can't tolerate this!"

This comment by Ye Wanwan successfully created some doubts; everybody witnessed Jiang Yan Ran only commenting once from beginning to end while Shen Meng Qi was busy acting pitiful and Song Zi Hang actually scolded Jiang Yan Ran out of the blue just for her.

"I thought that Jiang Yan Ran was useless so she got jilted by him! Now I know the reason why--some people are just too good at acting!"

When Ye Wanwan finished speaking, she turned to Shen Meng Qi and asked, "Meng Qi, do you think I'm right? What Captain Song said was too unreasonable!"

At this moment, Shen Meng Qi was so frustrated by Ye Wanwan that she wanted to vomit blood. This damn idiot, shut up if you don't know how to talk. She's causing trouble for me with every word that comes out from her mouth today and I have no clue how to speak logically with this idiot!

To protect her pure and perfect image, Shen Meng Qi could only hold it in, "Captain Song, don't blame Yan Ran, it was all my fault..."

Song Zi Hang was about to speak but the match started and his coach was rushing him.

"Meng Qi, I gotta go!"

"Go on then, all the best!" Shen Meng Qi said shyly.

At first, she thought Song Zi Hang was just an average guy mostly because Jiang Yan Ran liked him, but according to the news she heard recently, the Song family appeared to be quite a good connection to have.

"We'll definitely win. I'll give the trophy to you as a gift!"

After speaking, Song Zi Hang went to the court with confidence. Everyone who was crowding around to watch the drama went back to their seats as well and focused on the match.

Ye Wanwan and Jiang Yan Ran sat in the empty seats a row behind Shen Meng Qi, diagonally across her.

Jiang Yan Ran sat on the chair wearily as she murmured, bashing herself, "Wanwan, thank you, I suddenly find myself so useless..."

Ye Wanwan chuckled softly, "Girl, you've performed so well today--your utter lack of regard was the best defence against them! If you kept arguing with them like a resentful woman, that would've been a disaster! Leave it to me to embarrass her. Since I dared to bring you here, I won't let you be bullied!"

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